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21.01.2019 • 12 Codes

while True - learn(): Translating cat language!

In the 2019 Indie-simulation-video-game while True - learn() you are a specialist in machine-learning. There is hardly anyone who is better at it than you, well besides your cat of course. To get ahead in programming you have to somehow understand your cat, but there is no translator yet, so you have to program one yourself, our 2019 MegaTrainer will help you!
Game Profile
Publisher: Nival
Release Year: 2019
Game Modes: Singleplayer

while True - learn() Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other codes won't work properly!
+100 Money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
Reset Money to 0
Resets your money to zero.
+1,000 Money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
+10,000 Money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
Predicted Money Loss always 0
Sets the calculated money loss to 0!
Current Money loss always 0
Sets your money loss to 0!
Infinite time
Provides you with an unlimited amount of time!

Special Hint

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A long time ago, in the dark room of a programmer sits a coder who tries in vain to code. ERROR! Nothing works. The programmer is annoyed and doesn't know how to solve his problem. He leaves the room to make himself a new coffee. His cat noticed this and sits down at his computer while the coder is in the kitchen. A bit of clicking on the keyboard and the code is finished. Full of astonishment, the coder comes back and sees his cat fixing his problem. How did it do that? In the video-game while True - learn() you play a coder who found out that his cat can code better than himself. Unfortunately, the cat does not speak the human language. After thoroughly informing yourself at CatOverflow, you decided to program a cat-to-human translation program so that you can understand your cat and it can help you with coding. Build up your own business and become the best coder with the help of your cat in the video-game while True - learn().


In the video-game while True - learn() you play as a coder who has found out that his cat is better at coding than himself. That's why you decided to create a cat-to-human translation program so that you can learn your cat's skills. while True - learn() is a puzzle-simulation-video-game where you learn everything about machine learning, neural networks, AI and big data. Connect objects with wires. If you fail, you have to optimize everything and try again. If you think you have connected everything correctly, test your work. If all pieces of data run smoothly across your screen, you've done it right. Whenever you feel ready, try yourself as CTO in a startup. Get more money, upgrade your equipment and become the best programmer with the help of your cat in the video-game while True - learn().


In the video-game while True - learn() you slip into the role of a programmer who wants to create a cat-to-human translation program to understand his cat. It is better than you in programming and with its help, you can become the best and most successful coder. In a forum you met the while True - learn() Trainer, who had developed a dog-to-human translation program years ago and already knows his way around it. The while True - learn() Trainer asked you for his help, and now he supports you with unique while True - learn() Cheats. Our money cheat provides you with more money to upgrade your lifestyle and with the time cheats you are able to rewind or fast forward days or even weeks. No money loss, infinite time and much more is at your disposal thanks to the while True - learn() Trainer.


  • Develop a cat-to-human translation program
  • 26 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Try to be the CTO of a Startup
  • Upgrade your equipment
  • Become the best coder


The Russian video-game-developer released his first non-VR video-game while True - learn() on January 17, 2019. Publisher of the game is the Russian publisher Nival, who is already known for video-games like the 2003 released Blitzkrieg Anthology, his successor Blitzkrieg 2 Anthology from 2005 or also Prime World - Defenders from 2013. while True - learn() is a construction-simulation-puzzle-sandbox-video-game that resembles games like the 2011 released From Dust, Train Valley from 2015, Poly Bridge from 2016 or PC Building Simulator from 2018.

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