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theHunter - Primal: The hunter becomes the hunted!

theHunter – Primal offers a unique survival horror experience, whose horror scenarios will freeze the blood in your veins. The player embarks on a journey to an alien planet called Primal Eden. The job sounds as logical as well as simple. You have to explore the local environment and transform it into a humane paradise. In simple terms: You have to procure a new home planet for mankind. Our MegaTrainer provides everything you need to demonstrate the dinosaurs who really is the boss here!
Game Profile
Publisher: Expansive Worlds, Avalanche Studios
Developer: Expansive Worlds, Avalanche Studios
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

theHunter - Primal Cheats

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Infinite stamina
Empowers you to run as along as you want!
Beware: Cheats are only for single-player, not for multi-player!
The Godmode is also effective against normal damages, like from raptors or other dinos. It won't help against massive damages, like falling off from a great height or against the T-Rex, etc.
Beware: Cheats are only for single-player, not for multi-player!
This Cheat makes all dinosaurs die after just one single hit!
Beware: Cheats are only for single-player, not for multi-player!
Infinite ammo
Provides your hunter with unlimited ammunition!
Beware: Cheats are only for single-player, not for multi-player!
Godmode + MegaHealth
The Godmode and the MegaHealth increase your maximal life energy to a great amount. Thus you even can survive to fall off from a great height and to get attacked by the T-Rex!
Beware: Cheats are only for single-player, not for multi-player!

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  • theHunter - Primal Cheats with the same ID cannot be used at the same time.
  • The theHunter - Primal Trainer is only written for the singleplayer-mode (lokal server with maximum of 1 player)!



The primary goal is about survival. The motivation to stay alive gets great support by the intriguing story of theHunter - Primal. The success of your excursion makes sure that your character gets a complete amnesty for all the crimes he ever has been found guilty. If you fail, you know for sure that your client will force your relatives to recruit as voluntary pioneers. But the burden, which you have to carry, is that hard to bear that you wouldn't even wish that on a snake! Although your space capsule contains a few useful items but at the risk of not surviving this unique horror, it requires so much more! That way you wander through this beautiful but also horrible planet searching for new equipment, ammunition, clothing and weapons. You need to survive… ... and you need to kill dinosaurs. Your care and your weaponry will ultimately ensure your survival. The theHunter - Primal procures the possibility to live through this scary adventure both in single-player mode and in multi-player mode. The beauty of the multi-player mode: You can team up with other players and take up the fight against the dinosaurs together. Of course, this opens up completely new tactical possibilities. Now you can surround the enemy raptors, curl them on the wrong track and maybe lay a snare! Moreover the game includes a permanent inventory system. This means you can carry all gained items into the next session. But: If you get killed, everything is lost! So you should never forget one thing: Concerning theHunter - Primal, the hunter quickly becomes the hunted!


That would be much easier if this planet was not inhabited by five dangerous dinosaur species. This turns the search for the Garden of Eden into a real hunt. This does not only implies that the player is going to slay dinosaurs. Quite the contrary: If you meet the Tyrannosaurus Rex, which the theHunter - Primal calls on the scene, it will be more likely that you flee like a hunted deer! Initially you are only equipped with bow and arrow. Using this, you might kill off smaller raptors, but concerning the T-Rex, it will not wow at all. Especially since the dinos from theHunter - Primal are much faster and more agile than you are for yourself. Therefore, you should consider carefully what materials and supplies you are going to take with you, traveling the alien planet. Your tracking device will be essential for example. That enables you to search around the environment and makes you aware of invading dinosaurs. Thus this application will save your life not only once! Because if the flying Quetzalcoatlus has spotted you, it will tear you apart in an instant. No one can ever shoot as fast as it attacks. Therefore it is highly recommended to look for cover and attack from ambush, whenever it is possible. Whenever you spot a dinosaur, you should only attack from a safe distance, especially since the effects of your weapons are staged very realistic. Regarding your enemies in theHunter - Primal, the hunter becomes the hunted very quickly, especially when the arrow or the bullet is missing its target. You have to hit vital organs to bring the dinosaur to its knees. Even by using the sniper rifle, it will not be easy to land a critical hit. In particular, the T-Rex often needs a few of these, before he falls to the ground. Bevor an encounter with the Dinosaur is getting inevitably, you absolutely have to look for a suitable hiding place. For example, you can hop behind a wall or barricade yourself in the thicket of a shrub.


Let's turn it around and make the hunted become the hunter again! Well, why not! Our MegaTrainer provides everything you need to show the dinosaurs, who is the boss! First of all, our Cheats provide you with infinite stamina and enough ammunition. But it gets even better, because you get the One-Hit-Kill for all dinosaurs and the Godmode for your own immortality. We haven't promised too much: The theHunter - Primal Trainer makes you go hunting again and puts the terror to an end!


  • Five dangerous and lethal dinosaur species
  • Great arsenal of weapons and items
  • Survival horror from the book
  • Lifesaving tracking device
  • Realistic implementation
  • Extensive multi-player
  • Fear-inspiring drama
  • Wonderful graphics

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