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28.10.2018 • 13 Codes

ESports Legend: Become an e-Sports Legend!

In the 2018 Indie-Simulation-Video-Game ESports Legend you take control of your own e-Sports team. Create a team with the best players and lead your team to victory and unprecedented ESports success. You can't do it overnight though you need a lot of time as well as patience, a training schedule, trainers and of course a lot of money! Our 2018 MegaTrainer comes packed with exclusive, handmade and unique Balancing-Codes to help you in achieving ultimate ESports success.
Game Profile
Publisher: Coconut Island Games
Developer: 90Games
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

eSports Legend Cheats



In the video-game ESports Legend you lead your own esport-club in the game League of Legends to success. Start with an unknown amateur team, give them different training tasks and take part in small tournaments. Hire coaches and trainers to support and teach your team. Buy better equipment to upgrade your team and your club. The better known you become, the higher is the chance that professional players and better coaches want to sign contracts with you. If you are number 1 in your league, you will receive an invitation for the big tournaments. World tournament where you have to prove your skills and your hard training. Gain more fans and sponsors, build a community around your club, take part in several tournaments, lead your team with hard training to success and make it the best team in the world of ESports Legend.


ESports Legend is a simulation-video-game in which you lead your own esport-team from an unknown amateur team to one of the best teams in League of Legends. Give your players different training tasks to eliminate their weaknesses, and take part in small tournaments from time to time. Winning tournaments will give you more fans and money to upgrade your club and equipment in order to increase your players' spirits. In addition to the 4 main leagues, there are many other tournaments in which you can participate with your team. ESports Legend has an authentic competition system. As soon as the members are confirmed, the game will enter the hero ban stage where you can ban and choose your heroes. Which makes different lineups and effects. Give your team instructions during the game and lead it to victory. The more you win, the more fans you will gain and the more sponsors you will attract. Train, play and lead your team to success!


It's your lucky day. The world's best coach has signed a contract with you and your esport-club. When you're done, with puzzling over the menu how to change the language of the video-game ESports Legend into English, because it starts in Chinese, you can welcome the ESports Legend Trainer as your newest team member. The ESports Legend Trainer provides your club and team with 13 helpful ESports Legend Cheats. Our money cheat gives you more money so you can upgrade your equipment and our resource cheat increased the number of your light bulbs, clipboards, and stars. With the help of the character cheat you are able to increase the level of your character, set his attributes vitality and acumen to 100 or set his talent to the highest level. These and many other ESports Legend Cheats will help your team to become the best team in the world.


  • Leading your team through League of Legends tournaments
  • Authentic competition simulation system
  • Realistic club management system
  • Building an Esport team
  • Recruiting players
  • Own Esport-Club


ESports Legend is an indie-simulation-video-game which is similar to the video-game ESports Club released 2017. The video-game ESports Legend was developed by the video-game-developer 90Games and published by Coconut Island Games. The publisher is represented in Shanhai, China as well as in Stuttgart, Germany and is known for video-games like the Tower 57 released 2017. ESports Legend was published on October 16, 2018 on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

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