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Zombie Army Trilogy - Hitler's last Trump

The Story of the Zombie Army Trilogy might not be an epic, but it creates a motivating atmosphere, where your talents as a sniper are put to the test. The events display Germany just before the supposed end of the Second World War. But Hitler plays his last trump card! The dictator unleashes a giant zombie army, which stops at nothing. Whether occult forces play a crucial role, or not, is for Hitler to know and for you to find out. But at first you need to fight your way through Berlin! That means you have to slaughter endless many zombies and collect several magical artifacts. Use the cheats of our MegaTrainer and all that will work out much besser!
Game Profile
Publisher: Rebellion
Developer: Rebellion
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Zombie Army Trilogy Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Free reload (infinite ammo)
If you activate this cheat you have unlimited ammo (e.g. reload for free).
Infinite grenades
By this cheat your amount of grenade won't be decreased when you throw them.
Infinite focus
This makes your sniper to target precisely for ever. (During breathing out!)
No reload
With this cheat your ammo in clip won't decreased, so you don't need to reload at any time.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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  • All Zombie Army Trilogy cheats work for the human player only.



It's finally on the market: The Zombie Shooter, Zombie Army Trilogy, is just about to take its fan's hearts by storm. The trilogy not only contains the two well-known titles Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army and Sniper Elite - Nazi Zombie Army 2. From now on, the fan base will benefit from the brand-new, third part of this thrilling zombie apocalypse. The Zombie Army Trilogy offers 15 challenging campaign missions and five horde-mode-maps where you can let off steam! The entire adventure of the unique campaign can be accomplished either alone or with up to 4 players in co-op mode. The main plot is quickly told: Hitler plays his last card, Zombies! Thus you have to become an insanely good shooter, in order to stop this madman! Do you have what it takes?


The hallmark of excellence of Zombie Army Trilogy indeed is the X-Ray Killcam. Thanks to this application, you can evaluate the effectiveness of your bullets one by one. This technique is based on a terrific animated slow-motion mode, in which you can see exactly how the bullet leaves the rifle and makes its deadly way through the zombie. You will see exactly how the bones of your enemies burst, their skulls crack, their organs tear and their teeth fracture. However, these animations will be only projected on your screen, if your shot was fired accurately. Cause the Zombie Army Trilogy is a detailed and complex sniper simulation! Thus your accuracy is determined by attraction, wind speed, impact and other influences. The unnatural and sometimes hasty movements of the zombies do the rest, so that the targeting process becomes as challenging and tactical as it gets. Moreover your sniper rifle is your strongest weapon during all missions. This is especially true in the open field. If you are threatened to get overrun by a zombie horde, it would be best to run back a few feet. Then you go into position and shoot off the heads of all approaching zombies one after another. Well-placed head-shots are particularly important, since many undead will only die, if you blow their head off. Concerning other opponents, it is sufficient to hit the vital organs, such as heart or kidney. Especially dangerous are the zombie-suicide-bombers. These run at high speed towards you, carrying bombs on their belt. At best, your projectile should hit the explosives before they reach your shooting spot. Incidentally, this is one of many steam-achievements that has to be overcome. But not all the requirements that Zombie Army Trilogy stages, are best solved, by using your sniper rifle. If the fights take place in houses, it is highly recommended to go along with your shotgun or machine gun. Many times, it is very useful to attract a lot of zombies to concentrate on one place. Then they will run either in one of your skillfully placed TNTs, or you throw a grenade into their midst and enjoy the rain of blood. Knowledgeable of the Second World War will be pleased to hear that many pistols, machine, sniper rifles, grenades, land mines and explosives, which Zombie Army Trilogy provides are modeled on their real prototype. However, the armory is not the only game element that has much to offer. The level design is incredibly varied, too. The scenes of the war-torn Germany and especially Berlin are traced very authentic and thus they create a creepy scenario, where numerous zombie types are striking terror into the player's heart. During the course of the game you become a better shooter more and more. But the Zombi Army Trilogy knows to correspond and sends out nasty zombies, which become stronger and stronger by their selves: Skeletons, fire demons, zombies with gas masks, etc... But two zombie types will really make you sweat bullets: Similar to your character, there exist zombie snipers as well, which come up with the ability to rapidly jump from rooftop to rooftop. There is only one way to kill them off: You have to exhale quietly, aim exactly and fire!
But still there are the so called Super-Soldier-Zombies, which wear either massive machine guns or swing around hell-bent chain saws. Since it takes already several head-shots to take them down, those are really strong enemies. But that's nothing compared to the boss enemies that appear in the form of Nazi generals.


Hitler may unleash the most powerful Zombie Army, that the world has ever seen, but with our Cheats, you shoot down everything that blocks your way! Since the MegaTrainer provides you with infinite ammo and a permanently loaded magazine, you can even shoot for the moon. In addition, you'll receive unlimited grenades and dynamite. Thus you will blow hordes of zombies to kingdom come, just in a few seconds. And last but not least your hero gets the Godmode, so that he becomes immune to all attacks. The Zombie Army Trilogy Trainer empowers you to proceed as ruthless and brutal as possible. Cause your Thoroughgoingness is Trump!


  • Authentic weapons of World War Second
  • 4 female and 4 male, genuine characters
  • Oodles of different zombie types
  • Impressive sniper simulation
  • Bloodthirsty animations
  • Innovative X-Ray Killcam
  • Improved graphics
  • Dusky sound

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