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Zeno Clash - A journey back to the Stone Ages?

Zeno Clash is one of the few action fighting games, in which all the battles are fought in FPS perspective. Thus one might consider this stunning experience more as an Ego-Fighter! Although you will get the one or the other Stone Age-like firearm during the cause of the game, the developers of Zeno Clash put a strong emphasize on action-packed battles that are only fought with your fists!
Game Profile
Publisher: ACE Team
Developer: ACE Team
Release Year: 2009
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Zeno Clash Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite stamina
Makes your character fight and run without any restrictions.
No reload
This Cheat provides you with unlimited ammo and grenades.
Infinite grenades
This Cheat provides you with unlimited ammo and grenades.
This is the classic Godmode.
But Beware! You mustn't use this Cheat in the very first scenery of this game. There you have to collect life energie, hence the game will proceed! This won't be possible with this Cheat!

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  • All Zeno Clash cheats work for the human player only.



This is especially true for the larger opponents, against which you are only allowed to carry several batons into the battlefield. The fighting scenery, drawn in first person perspective, consists of a mix of punches, kicks, throws and special combination attacks. Like this, you are able to fight your hero from opponent to opponent. Concerning the background, Zeno Clash stages a wondrous game world, which on the one hand is reminiscent of the Stone Age, but on the other hand it is full of fantasy creatures! Therefore you do not travel all the way back to the Stone Age, but rather in a parallel universe of it! The glorious singing about the Stone Ages is nowadays absolutely in fashion! There are paleo-sports, Stone Age diets and appropriate paleo-cookbooks. But is there also a paleo-computer game? Zeno Clash seems to confirm this suspicion, although it certainly does not stage those Stone Ages, which we know from the history books. If you are honest, it must be admitted that the Stone-Age-flair that Zeno Clash exudes, is less dry than the familiar versions of this early time. The imaginations and the riches of this very game world are unprecedented! Although the look, the clothes and weapons of the individual characters seem as if they came from these early times, yet this game combines this ancient charm with fantastic and modern imaginations. The result is a unique fantasy world, which holds the strangest beings that are anything but peaceful...
But before you take up the fight in combat, you should at least know where you come from. Your supposed creator is called the Father-Mother, a mysterious hermaphrodite. The children of the Father-Mother belong to the strongest clan of Halstedom - and you're one of his sons. Thus, you take on the role of Ghat. Due to a misunderstanding, you get banished at the beginning of the game. This is how your epic journey to the end of the world starts, in order to find a way to get rid of the blame. Luckily, you embark on this adventurous journey together with your companion Deadra, who will guide you through the dangerous lands of Zenozoik. Only time will tell whether you will live up to your descent’s reputation!


From now on you wander through the lands of Zenozoik. Thus you meet the strangest creatures that you can possibly imagine: Human-like beings with one eye for a head, giant dinosaur-like long-necks with furry hair on their backs, crabs, which spit green bile, lizard-like creatures, pig-like monsters, squirrels, which have more the stature of a bear, aggressive bird people, etc. In respect of imagination and inventiveness no other game lives in the same street as Zeno Clash. Even the landscapes are designed with so much attention to detail that everybody wants to take a break, just to watch the amazing views! But this won’t happen a lot, because the next nasty goblin attacks does not wait for your sense of admiration! But that’s not a problem at all. The upcoming opponents are going to make the acquaintance with one of your fists, or maybe both! A blow to the left, two strokes right, a left uppercut and the mythical animal staggers humble between your hands. Then another step forward and you take it in stranglehold. Now two simple kicks et voila: The giant goblin flies through the area! But it is almost more fun to let your enemies a chance to attack, sometimes. Then you can put your defence to the test. The combat system of Zeno Clash is highly differentiated and therefore it allows a lot of tactical manoeuvres. If the opponent strikes, you block his blow and perform a counterattack. Or you block just before the moment he hits you and make yourself ready to perform an outstanding round-house kick! If the lizard can’t get enough, just provide him a taste of your combination attacks: three punches, an uppercut and a powerful kick to bring him to his knees! Especially concerning Boss opponents, Zeno Clash is forcing you to proceed a tactical approach: Dodge twice and then land the attack: Using a rod, a hammer or a baton. Ever since the great mythical creatures need more than just a punch in the face! Well, what are you waiting for? Go into battle!


The Stone Age was a brutal and ruthless time. Your opponents in Zeno Clash will not make an exception for you: If you do not steal the evil goblin’s and the other creature’s thunder, they will beat the living daylights out of you! But of course our MegaTrainer won’t let you down. Our cheats provide your hero with unlimited grenades and a permanently loaded magazine for all firearms. That should help to evade the one or the other skirmish. Finally, you get enough stamina and even the Godmode, which turns you invulnerable during all battles! As it was said: The Zeno Clash Trainer is going to crush your enemies the one way or the other, that's for sure!


  • Several deception and evasion manoeuvres
  • Bizarre weapons build of scrap and waste
  • Countless unique mythical creatures
  • Ground-breaking combat system
  • Unique combination attacks
  • Fantastic Stone Age setting
  • Fabulous storyline

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