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Zeno Clash 2: What already was very good, can still be made better!

Four whole developers’ years lie between the action fighting games Zeno Clash and Zeno Clash 2: Everybody recognizes that immediately! No wonder, considering that four years in fast-growing computer technology are equivalent to a quantum leap. And if we take a long close look to Zeno Clash 2, we notice this fact especially in the graphics.
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Publisher: ATLUS
Developer: ACE Team
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Zeno Clash 2 Cheats

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Cheatname and Details
Infinite stamina
Makes your character fight and run without any restrictions.
Infinite ammo
This Cheat provides you with unlimited ammo and grenades.
+1 Skillpoint
This Cheat increases the abilities (speed, power, etc.) of your character.
Infinite special-attacks
Holds your energie for special attacks stable!
By activating this cheat you're invulnerable/immortal.

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The curious Stone Age-like game-world now even looks more fantastic than in the predecessor and it also includes a number of fantasy creatures that defy all description. In addition, the combat system of Zeno Clash 2 was extremely improved to its best. This splendid Ego-Fighter contains more evasive manoeuvres and attacking options than ever before. The action-packed battles are particularly enriched by the many combination attacks. Even if you have to admit that Zeno Clash already was mature, Zeno Clash 2 actually made it better, indeed!
Okay! In respect of the many alternative evasion- and deception manoeuvres that Zeno Clash 2 has to offer, the following truth is obvious: Defence is half the battle! Even if one of your enemies performs a strong strike, you can still block his attack, if you're good enough. However, if you are very clever and you evade his impact shortly before the collision, you force your enemy in a death grip, in which he becomes helpless and has to suffer all your punches and kicks. A wise warrior always accomplishes a feint before attacking. Because once you have distracted one of the strange mythical creatures, you can prepare one of your strong special attacks. For they need a little time. In general, some of your combination attacks will only work, if you have parried accordingly before. You block the opponents strike just in the right moment and your foot will kiss your enemy so hard that he flies across the room!


No doubt about that: Defence alone won’t win the war. And it would also be a shame to relinquish the spectacular special attacks of Zeno Clash 2! While you initially begin with a few quick strokes and blows, you’ll evolve to a perfect fist-fighter! Using your berserk attack, you perform a rain of fists striking down on your enemies. Then, a hammer-punch, by using both hands, followed by an uppercut and the final death blow: And your attacker is history! Or what do you think about the 4-hit-combo? Thirst a hammer-punch, followed by an uppercut then by a kick and topped by a double shock. This is even more effective than your elbow-attack during sprint-modus! We don’t need to go into further detail. It is obvious already: The battle system of Zeno Clash 2 is not only extremely differentiated, but it provides action-packed battles that will become never boring, since almost every opponent is unique in this grateful Stone Age cosmos. And indeed, the fantastic game world of Zeno Clash 2 is unique and special. The Stone Age-touch produces not only unique cities, landscapes, equipment and weapons, but it also stages spectacular creatures that defy any description. An attempt is yet dared: In the world of Zeno Clash 2 many comical creatures are terrorizing the landscapes: wild boars as big as people, red, bearded fire angels, cows dressed as monks, huge men with crow's feet, hippos that look like old men, lizards that spit green bile, elephantine warriors with long snouts, skeletons that are half human, but somehow half animal as well, and several goblin-like creatures. Now you want to know, why you have to fight against these sometimes disgusting, sometimes impressive mythical creatures? Well, after your hero has gone to the end of the world in Zeno Clash, he brought a magical being into the arena, whose presence gives him strong headaches concerning the story of Zeno Clash 2. He calls himself Golem. This mighty enemy can’t be defeated by strikes, punches and blows, because he has the gift to connect everyone with him, who had ever touched him. This means: If you punch him, you get all punched by yourself! Thus it is necessary to find a different way to bring him down. In addition, the mysterious Golem reveals you and your siblings a terrible secret which relates to your creator: the hermaphrodite Father-Mother! Now your family is divided and Father-Mother stews in prison! Now it is up to you: Do you have the guts to become a perfect warrior? Only then you'll probably manage to unite your family and to liberate Father-Mother of his guilt...


It goes without saying that our MegaTrainer has got the one or the other trick up his sleeve that isn’t self-evident, indeed. First of all, by using our Cheats, you can arbitrarily increase your attribute points. This means that you will boost the health, stamina, leadership and the strength of your fighter! In addition, you'll receive unlimited endurance and ammunition for all your bizarre weapons! So you are able to run, hit and shoot as much and as long as you want! Finally, the Zeno Clash 2 Trainer provides you with the Godmode! As I said: Even if you fight excellent already, it can always get better and better and better!


  • Ingenious combat system staging authentic physics
  • Special evasion and deception manoeuvres
  • Oodles of fascinating mythical creatures
  • Bizarre weapons with great features
  • Spectacular combination attacks
  • Exciting Stone-Age-like setting
  • Fantastic in-game world
  • Captivating storyline
  • Gorgeous graphics

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