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X-Blades: Tactical and action-packed fights that you don’t want to miss!

The grandiose hack'n'slay spectacle X-Blades can be considered as the twin brother of Blades of Time. Both games are dominated by the sword swinging and attractive Ayumi. However, X-Blades exudes a very special atmosphere thanks to its anime-style graphics. The colors and the magic of this epic game are staged in a way that begs to be filmed. The player slips into the skin of the appealing protagonist and fights his way through one level and on to the next. Ayumi performs not only spectacular attack combos with her swords, but also unleashes overwhelming magical spells. By using both, she hunts down several monsters and tough bosses. X-Blades combines action-packed battles and tactical elements and thus presents a unique game experience, to which simply every genre fan has to attend... Like it is with the cheats of our MegaTrainer!
Game Profile
Publisher: TopWare Interactive
Developer: Gaijin Entertainment Corporation
Release Year: 2009
Game Modes: Singleplayer

X-Blades Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
The prepare for Cheats is especially needed for the souls Cheat!
Set souls to 1.000
Sets or increases the souls up to the displayed value.
Prepare for Cheats required!
Souls +5.000
Sets or increases the souls up to the displayed value.
Prepare for Cheats required!
Infinite rage
Your character has got rage all the time.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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  • All X-Blades cheats work for the human player only.



The formative character of X-Blades is the scantily clad Ayumi, who particularly stuns her fans because of her unique fighting skills. She uses great weapons, attacks incredibly fast, resists even the strongest attacks and kills off her opponents brutally and efficiently! The pretty anime graphics do the rest to make you keep the spectacular battles of X-Blades in memory. The archaeologist Ayumi indeed is a split character. On one hand she is very ambitious, on the other hand she behaves predisposed greedy and egomaniacal. By looking for the most precious artifacts that the world has to offer, Ayumi fights many enemies in battles and overcomes many deadly traps. But avarice puts a spoke in her wheel. When she touches a rare relic, despite the warning of the mystical guardian, she is forced into a symbiosis with a dark power that she cannot control. From then on, the young archeologist fights her way through many temples and ancient ruins, only to cut out her fatal mistake... But the dark shadow which is about to dominate the brave heroine more and more, does not prevent her from talking big and from taking her fate with a healthy breeze of irony. During her epic journey, she encounters several ghosts, spider monsters, fire demons and other beasts that will be blown to kingdom come. Ayumi mainly uses her two swords, which she swings like no other swordsman before. Demanding boss opponents, however, will be brought to their knees by performing various ice and fire spells before striking the finishing blow. Each opponent has got its own weaknesses. Thus you have to determine the correct attacking tactics. Therefore, the struggles of X-Blades remain consistently challenging and varied. In order to perform special magic and attacks, Ayumi needs to collect enough dead souls first. Only by these she can unlock unique skills and abilities. Another good reason to hunt down monsters...


The special attacks are extremely effective even against the biggest and strongest enemies. But fighting is not everything that Ayumi has counting for her. The ancient sites are teemed with terrible traps and mind-bending puzzles. Balancing acts on columns that are studded with sharp blades are also set on the agenda as the slaughter of bestial creatures is. All the varied tasks, which you have to perform in X-Blades, are providing all the more pleasure because both graphics and sound get this very game down pat. The presentation in Japanese anime style trumps with rich colors and amazing effects. And while the attractive heroine swings her swords and kills off one wave of enemies after another, gentle tones from the pan flute are sounding, telling you about all the unexpected mysteries that the players of X-Blades might experience in the future. This very game casts a spell over its fans on very many levels...


Cheats that you don’t want to miss: The X-Blades Trainer!

Nobody, really nobody should have to play this adventure without the cheats of our MegaTrainer. especially since it is so much fun! First of all, our cheats ensure that your collected souls can be increased at will. The hot in plain English: Your sword-wielding heroine can learn all unique spells and special attacks immediately. Thus she becomes extremely powerful. In addition, we equip your heroine with infinite rage and the Godmode. As it was said: The X-Blades Trainer provides cheats that you don’t want to miss. Have fun with it!


  • Tons of different attack techniques with the sword
  • Myriads of horrible monsters and creatures
  • Countless magical and special attacks
  • Unique game world full of mysteries
  • Action-packed and tactical battles
  • Epic Story of the heroine Ayumi
  • Wonderfully atmospheric sound
  • Perfect anime-style graphics

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