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09.08.2016 • 5 Codes

Worms World Party Remastered: Successful remake of a notorious classic!

This recipe sounds delicious: Just take the largest Worms hit of all time, wrap it up into beautiful graphics featuring 1080p at 60 FPS, garnish the whole thing with new composed weapon sounds and add thousands of exciting game modes – et voilà: Worms World Party Remastered is ready to enchant even the most demanding gaming Gourmet. Those who want to add a little extra spice may activate the cheats of our latest MegaTrainer from 2016. Doing this you'll get an infinite number of items and weapons – more than you need!
Game Profile
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer ,

Worms World Party Remastered Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Set turn timer to 0 seconds
Let's you manipulate the mission-timer!
Infinite items/weapons
Provides you with unlimited items!
Set turn timer to 1 minute
Let's you manipulate the mission-timer!
Godmode worms
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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The brand new video game Worms World Party Remastered from the house Team17 Digital Ltd. can be considered as a complete online gaming spectacle, because it allows players around the globe to dive into a world full appealing humor, sprawling entertainment, thrilling gameplay events including a myriad of game modes, options and possibilities.
As it has been in any predecessor – Worms Revolution, Worms Ultimate Mayhem or Worms Clan Wars – the new Worms World Party Remastered from 2015 is a classic side-scrolling video game in which you command a bunch of worms in order to beat the living daylights out of rivaling worms using hellish weapons. As it has been ever since all worms may run, jump or use useful gimmicks – such as Ninja Robe or Parachute – in order to get from A to B.
The explosive arsenal includes all the classic tools that you would expect in an ordinary Worms game: Longbow, Bazooka, Holy Hand Grenade, Armageddon, Concrete Donkey, several grenades, Holy Sheep, Napalm, Dynamite and, and, and.
By the help of these weapons and special attacks you can alter the nature of the map arbitrarily blowing up obstacles and burning down level fields. The battlefield is dominated by tactics, skill and audacity. Sometimes a direct attack works best, another time a push into the water will be most expedient...


The new video-game Worms World Party Remastered from 2015 is often referred as unique, crazy, outrageous, compelling and absolutely deadly. Rightly! Whether if you play single or multiplayer this game is enormous – not least because of the playful variety.
The so-called Wormpot provides up to 1000 different game modes that can be enjoyed online or offline. The more than 20 multiplayer missions invite you to cooperate with friends, deny tricky co-op adventures, manage Teamwork, pull strings against other worms and to fight exciting battles during competitive missions.
This is exactly why your massive arsenal includes over 60 weapons. In case you feel overwhelmed by such a great variety you may visit the tutorial first and test all the new features in quite.
As far as your opponents are concerned – the so-called Wormbots – they have done their homework and fire like there’s no tomorrow, in fact in any game modes that Worms World Party Remastered offers:
Playing Training mode you can test different gameplays in a race against time. During the Campaign missions, which can be mastered in various difficulty levels, you'll unlock new terrains for future games. Enjoying Time Attack mode you will be encouraged to find out which way of assault and attack will be the fastest one. During Deathmatch challenges you'll go to war against a number of different AI teams and send them right where they belong: straight to hell!


Evil worms, aka Wormbots, are supposed to be blown in hell. The codes of our latest MegaTrainer from 2016 may help you there. First of all these exclusive Worms World Party Remastered cheats empower you to manipulate the lap timer at will. In addition, you'll receive unthinkably many items and weapons, so you can strike at any time with full force. Finally, you will get even Godmode so your worms can become immortal. Therefore it is clear: Playing along with the latest Worms World Party Remastered Trainer from 2016 you will experience the greatest Worms hit of all time like never before!


  • Various gaming events: Training, Campaign, Time Attack and Deathmatch
  • Gigantic Wormpot with up to 1000 different game modes
  • Myriad of game modes, options and possibilities
  • Gorgeous graphics featuring 1080p at 60 FPS
  • Appealing humor and rampant entertainment
  • Consummate online gaming spectacle
  • Several enthralling gameplay events
  • Mix of tactics, skill and audacity
  • New composed weapon sounds
  • 2-6 players locally or online


Worms World Party Remastered is often referred to as an artillery strategy game. It celebrated its release in July 2016. The spectacle was “remastered”, meaning that the graphics were raised to a new standard featuring 1080p at 60 FPS. Oh, and as new sound effects were added. The reviews were mostly positive. With the launch of Worms World Party Remastered Team 17 presents a successful new edition of a notorious classic!

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