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01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

Worms Revolution: Back to the roots!

With all the many excesses and transformations, which the popular classic game Worms has gone through, it's finally time to remember the glorious beginnings and set it on a new look! Et Voilà: Worms Revolution saw the light to the world!
Game Profile
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Worms Revolution Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite match time
With these 2 cheats you can influence the turn-time of the current worm or the match-time for current level.
Infinite Jetpack
Hereby the value of the jetpack won't be decreased anymore, so you can fly as long as you like with the jetpack.
Infinite worm/turn time
With these 2 cheats you can influence the turn-time of the current worm or the match-time for current level.
Infinite weapons/items
By this cheat you'll get in most levels (some missions are unfortunately scripted) infinite weapons and items, if you e.g. activate the cheat before starting the level.
By this cheat all your worms get a lot of health and will only die when leaving the playground.

Special Hint

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Nevertheless Worms Revolution isn’t meant just to be old wine in new wineskins. For this thesis, the innovative physics, great graphics and many new gameplay elements come out way too convincing. In addition, the optimal mix of beautiful 3-D graphics and the classic 2-D gameplay persuade across the board! The four different fighter classes, namely the Soldier, Scout, Scientist or Heavy Lead catapult the war of the worms into unimagined dimensions. Lately you use water bombs, water pistols and water hammers in order to flush your enemies in their eternal grave.


It is also possible to steal the inventory of your opponents. Finally, all physical objects that adorn the whimsical game world are destructible objects, whose blasts come out devastating. Bubbling water, seething fire and blinding venom dominate the agenda of Worms Revolution. But what would Worms be without the exploding sheep, the various explosive grenades, the extraordinary bazookas, the falling rockets, the Ming-Vases, the Trojan Horse that beats everything to pieces, and, and, and… All of this is a little bit expectable, since Worms Revolution follows a certain credo: Back to the roots!


Thanks to the Worms Revolution Trainer, you not only get all kinds of weapons and items, but you also possess infinitely many of them. In addition, the Godmode ensures that your own worms can’t die - except by a fall into the water or out of the game world. Gain more Cheats and our MegaTrainer provides you with infinite time in each round as well as in each match! If you ask your enemies, you’ve had become the root of all evil!


  • About 30 challenging single-player campaigns
  • Various weapons and special attacks
  • Teams of up to 16 worms
  • Extensive Multiplayer
  • Gorgeous graphics

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