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Windward: Become the Lord of the seven seas!

The developers of Windward refer this game as an action-adventure RPG, and thus meet the bull's-eye. And yet Windward is quite different as similar games in the genre.
Game Profile
Publisher: Tasharen Entertainment
Developer: Tasharen Entertainment
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Windward Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Min. 99.999 stones and gunpowder
At first you've to use stones or gunpowder (diving or special attack), before you can activate this cheat. With the next use of stones or gunpowder, this value of this resource will be cheated.
Min. 999.999 gold and wood
At first you've to buy or repair something, after this you can activate the cheat. With the next buy the cheat will affect your gold and with the next repair it will affect your wood.
99 Cargo slots
For the cargo slots you've to open and close your inventory first, before you activate the cheat. After this reopen your inventory to get the new cargo slots. Even if only 5 are visible they're all usable. If you quit your game and continue later, the slots will be reseted to default and all resources in the additional ones are lost!
The godmode makes your ship indestructible.

With the Mega-Ship cheat your ship will be also indestructible, but in addition have 100x strength, 5x speed and 2x mobility.

If you use the Elite-Faction-Ships cheat all ships of your faction will be Mega-Ships and not only yours. This way you can e.g. easily capture full regions from the pirates.
The godmode makes your ship indestructible.

With the Mega-Ship cheat your ship will be also indestructible, but in addition have 100x strength, 5x speed and 2x mobility.

If you use the Elite-Faction-Ships cheat all ships of your faction will be Mega-Ships and not only yours. This way you can e.g. easily capture full regions from the pirates.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • All Windward cheats work for the human player only.
  • Windward is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Windward trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. In addition the first activation of each cheats may need a few seconds. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!
  • Attention with patch 2015-08-24 an advanced anti-cheat-system has been added to the game. For this reason the normal godmode cannot be supported any longer and the cheats "Mega-Ship" as well as "Elite-Faction-Ships" will only make the ships much stronger but not indestructible anymore!



In Windward the game world including its total content is created by chance. While the player controls his ship and discovers the sheer endless game world, all fights, trades, discoveries, etc. occur randomly. Each campaign of Windward therefore is an unique experience! The game creates an unparalleled and distinctive world, in which you set sail, fight against terrible pirates, carry on different trades, accomplish numerous tasks and research the gigantic cosmos of this random world! The nice thing: You decide what goals you want to achieve...


Yet, regarding Windward, there are a lot of things to discover and to explore. If you advance deep enough into the world, you come across a number of improvements that will make your ship more powerful. Your journey leads you to the most remote towns and villages, which may require your help. In more distant regions, nasty pirates are striking terror into the people’s hearts. To cope with the ruthless pirates you have to meet them in action-packed sea battles. The naval battles of Windward are both tactically challenging and marked by a high speed. During the fights, your ship should constantly keep moving. A stationary vehicle is nothing but cannon fodder. Mainly the sea battles are all about to cleverly evade the enemy and to fire the canons just at the right moment. Only if you hit your enemies by firing broadside, their ships will sink to the bottom of the sea. The battles are indeed fun and challenging enough to upgrade your skills again and again. Through each victorious battle you will unlock new talents and abilities that make your sailor's life much better. The same applies to all the missions, which you have to accomplish in Windward. After each successfully completed mission, the cities are going to flourish, continue to develop and articulate new needs. Thus a flourishing trade goes hand in hand with the growth of the cities. Therefore the product range considerably increases. Now even bigger and stronger ships are available for you which allow you to continue your epic journey. No matter what, everything depends on how you set the priorities. Would you like to possess a very agile ship with a lower firepower? Or do you only prioritize size and pick out one of the biggest galleons that are available on the market? The advantage of the larger ships is that you can simultaneously cope with several delivery tasks. Others might prefer only the strength of a ship and thus acquire the one great liner that carries most cannons. At least the pirates won’t have anything to laugh then... Basically, the deeper you explore the endless expanses of Windward, the more demanding the challenges and the more dangerous the sea battles will get. In case that suddenly four huge pirate ships appear, even the strongest battleship won’t help you out. Hopefully you can deal with the controls of proper sailing and take the bull by the horns and thus escape as fast you can. But in general, the struggles are challenging but also fair. The AI opponents are subjected to the same fighting rules as you are. If you fight tactically enough and move your ship very quickly, then you can win almost every fight. Yet, it is not said that you can’t hide behind rocks or coastal, only to attack your enemies from ambush. The pirates can only shoot at what they see. And once you have managed to man up and to prove your skills as a captain, many of your enemies will give a wide berth to your fleet. Or they decide to sail on your side from now on. Finally, there is only one lord of the seven seas!


Our MegaTrainer equips you best, in order to master all the challenges of this game without any problems. First, our cheats provide you with infinite gold, stones and wood. By using the gold, you can purchase all items and upgrades that Windward has to offer. The stones will be needed to dive for sunken wrecks and mysterious treasures. By utilizing the wood, you can fix your own ship at any time. Unless you activate the cheat for the MegaShip! Speaking of this unique cheat, your ship becomes not only immortal but also much faster and much more maneuverable. In addition, it fires its cannons with an enormous impact. Therefore, the simple Godmode for your ship almost becomes obsolete! Thus you see: The Windward Trainer truly is the greatest horror of the seven seas. Your enemies will tremble, each time they see you!


  • Thousands of talents, skills, upgrades and improvements
  • Intense, action-packed battles against fearsome pirates
  • The game-world and its content are randomly generated
  • Unique and extraordinary action-adventure RPG
  • Extremely tactical and fast-paced naval combats
  • A variety of tasks, quests and missions
  • Lucrative commercial transactions
  • Atmospheric graphics

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