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Wildlife Park 3 – Lets go wild!

Wildlife Park 3 stages a unique simulation where the player represents a manager of a zoo. In the first place Wildlife Park 3 is all about ensuring the welfare of the animals and organizing their living behavior. Whoever makes the animals happy, increases the number of his visitors. Ultimately, it's always about business! To install your own profitable animal park, Wildlife Park 3 offers numerous animals, habitats and plants. Using the help of our Cheats, you get as much money as you want!
Game Profile
Publisher: b-alive
Developer: b-Alive
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Wildlife Park 3 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
All visitors 100% happy
All your visitors stay very happy all the time and spend more money in your park.
+1.000 money on buy
Increases the amount of your money according to the displayed value, each time you make a purchase.
100.000 money on buy
Increases the amount of your money according to the displayed value, each time you make a purchase.

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Of course, the player must maintain trained personnel. For such a complex undertaking like a zoo can only be achieved, by employing trained keepers, veterinarians, landscapers and cleaners. The animations of the animals, buildings, and visitors are incredibly authentic. Such a successful simulation could be seen in latest times only in Adventure Park or in Cities - Skylines.
First, your animal park is exclusive for herbivores. The simple reason for that is that predators are more difficult to maintain and first you have to learn what animal welfare is all about. The welfare goes far beyond the installation of a proper enclosure. Because the animals also propagate and therefore unexpected things will happen all the time. What are you going to do for example, if the Zebra mother does not accept her filly or dies in childbirth? Well, then the Zebra baby needs to be bottle-fed. In addition, you need to slowly guide the newborn into the zebra herd, thus it will be with society and perhaps find an adoptive mother, who will suckle the child! The Wildlife Park 3 simulator shows you for every single animal, how happy it is and what it needs! Just as a little tip: The animals only reproduce when they are happy and newborn babies attract more visitors to visit your park!


To create a happy foundation for all your animals, you have to build species-appropriate enclosures. In this case, you can be very creative and move forward, using your very own ideas. The important thing is to pay attention to the individual needs of the residents of the pen. The most important means an animal enclosure needs, is the feeding device! There you have to mind about different food types and several sizes and heights, so that the little ones can eat as well. This sounds easier as it is, indeed. In return Wildlife Park 3 is providing you with all the important information about each animal! Or would you have known what gazelles are having for breakfast? Theoretically, herbivores could feed itself by the plants in the enclosure. The problem: For this approach, you would need very huge enclosures, thus you can install the appropriate plants in sufficient quantities! But providing the food is only a small part of the things your animals will need. Many herbivores need salt stones, that their mineral deficiency can be compensated. Furthermore, particular animals require special scratch stones so that they can appropriately cleaned themselves. In addition, you should ensure - as far as possible - that all the visitors get as close as possible to the pens and always have a good look at the animals. Later, you construct additional vehicles that carry you visitors through your park, such as high cable cars. The needs of your visitors are also reflected concerning Wildlife Park 3! The greening of your park has a great effect on the satisfaction of your guests! Of course, you also need suitable staff for almost everything. Your animal keepers, vets, landscapers and cleaners get some work to do. The plants and water features you construct must be regularly serviced. The animals often get sick and need trained staff - especially the big carnivores! The more unusual animals you get, the more visitors flock to your park. Wildlife Park 3 even stages an international animal market where you can sell your animals and earn rare exotics. Moreover, the Wildlife Park 3 simulation provides several missions where you have to complete a variety of assignments. This way you will become an expert for each species! Your motto: Let's go wild!


In the great campaign of this unique simulator there is a lot to do. What a shame that you always run out of money! But no problem. The Mega Trainer gets that under control. Using the help of our Cheats, you get as much money as you want. Thus you will be able to buy all of the animals and build all sorts of attractions for your visitors. And if your guests are not satisfied now, then we offer you another Cheat that will provide help. Because this one will satisfy your visitors to 100% at any time. The Wildlife Park 3 Trainer breaks through all restrictions. This one makes your dreams come true!


  • Comprehensive information on all animal, species and plants
  • Unique simulation of an animal park
  • Attracting campaign by 20 missions
  • Special animals and animal-families
  • International Animal Market
  • Versatile Landscaping
  • Incredibly authentic
  • Great graphics

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