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03.02.2019 • 12 Codes

Vision Soft Reset: Time Traveling Metroidvania!

Vision Soft Reset is a 2019 released Indie-Metroidvania-Action-Adventure-Video-Game which is all about visions and time travel. Run, shoot and jump your way through amazingly designed 2D platformer levels. Solve puzzles by manipulating and. Our 2019 MegaTrainer accompanies you on this unique journey.
Game Profile
Publisher: Mark Radocy
Developer: Mark Radocy
Release Year: 2019
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Vision Soft Reset Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other codes won't work properly!
Num 1
Movement speed: default
Allows you to modify the movement speed of your character/units.
Num 2
Movement speed: fast
Allows you to modify the movement speed of your character/units.
Num 3
Movement speed: very fast
Allows you to modify the movement speed of your character/units.
Low Health
Massively decreases your maximum health!
Jumpheight: default
Manipulate your jump-height at will!
Jumpheight: very high
Manipulate your jump-height at will!
Leveltime: -10 seconds
This cheat affects the leveltime!
Leveltime: +10 seconds
This cheat affects the leveltime!
Infinite visions meter
Provides you with unlimited visions power!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

Created by:



In the video-game Vision Soft Reset you slip into the role of an alien who travels through alien worlds armed with his pistol. You will encounter many enemies and have to take on tough bosses. But you have one advantage over them in the video-game Vision Soft Reset. The time is at your side.


The video-game Vision Soft Reset is an action-adventure-platformer that reminds one of the Metroid games. The game features beautiful pixel-art-style-graphics created by Arron Johnson, as well as its own soundtrack by Will Savino. In the video-game Vision Soft Reset your character has the ability to manipulate time. You can reset time to undo damage or even escape death for example. You can also predict enemy attacks, giving you the chance to avert them in time. These abilities can also be used to solve puzzles.


In the video-game Vision Soft Reset the time is your ally and can be used to your advantage, but this does not make you invincible. The great Vision Soft Reset Cheats from our unique Vision Soft Reset Trainer, however, can do this, and much more! With our Movement Speed Cheats, you can set it to Normal, Fast and Very Fast and with our Jump Height Cheats your jumps can be Normal, High and Very High. Our Level time Cheat adds or decreases 10 seconds to your time and our Infinite Visions Meter Cheat provides your character with exactly what it says. Last but not least there is our Godmode Cheat, which makes you immortal!


  • Use hidden game mechanics to make your own way through the game
  • Manipulate time and use it to your advantage
  • Tricky puzzles that demand creativity
  • Fast movement and combat system
  • Controller support
  • Own soundtrack
  • Pixel-art-graphics
  • Unique style


The video-game Vision Soft Reset is an action-adventure-Metroidvania-platformer and was released on Steam on January 16, 2019. The game was developed by the hobby-indie-video-game-developer Mark Radocy from Hamden, Connecticut, USA, who also published the game himself. He already developed the 2017 puzzle-game Cartesian and Vision Soft Reset is his second project. The video-game is available for Windows PC.

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