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27.09.2018 • 14 Codes

Victory at Sea Pacific: Naval battles in the Pacific during World War II!

The RTS-video-game Victory at Sea Pacific is all about epic naval battles during the Second World War. Send your army on an open-world map through the Pacific and destroy the ships of your opponents. The price and stakes couldn't be higher: Your naval battles decide on the outcome of the Second World War! Our 2018 MegaTrainer is a hard-working deckhand with exclusive balancing codes, a soldier you can't do without.
Game Profile
Publisher: Evil Twin Artworks
Developer: Evil Twin Artworks
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Victory At Sea Pacific Cheats



In the video-game Victory at Sea Pacific, you can choose whether you want to fight on the side of the Allies or on the side of Axis. There is no real storyline in the video-game Victory at Sea Pacific instead, you can write history yourself by beating every enemy and winning the war for your side.


In the video-game Victory at Sea Pacific, you control your own fleet of warships across the Pacific. The game has an open-world-map, which means you can go wherever you want until you meet enemy ships. How you proceed in combat is up to you. You can simply shoot at your opponents with everything you have, attack them from ambush with submarines, or even shoot them down with airplanes. During combat in the video-game Victory at Sea Pacific, you have the option to command your entire fleet or concentrate on individual ships to decide their fate. If your opponent gets too strong and you run out of units, you can pause the game and request new fleets as reinforcement.


In the video-game Victory at Sea Pacific, it is your task to command an entire fleet and make the right decisions to win naval battles you are about to engage in. Of course, as always, our grandiose Victory at Sea Pacific Trainer will support you with our 14 helpful Victory at Sea Pacific Cheats to keep your fleet afloat. Our +500 War Bonds Cheat gives you additional in-game-currency to build new ships and hire new crew members. Our infinite Bombs and infinite Ammo Cheats provide you with everything you need during combat to sink your opponent's ships. To make sure you win every single battle, use our various Godmode Cheats, which make your ships, submarines, weapon systems, and airplanes indestructible!


  • Command entire fleets or control individual ships
  • 14 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Open-World with Sandbox-System
  • Upgrade your ports and shipyards
  • Search and destroy enemy fleets
  • Over 100 different ship classes
  • Train your crew members
  • Build your own fleet


The video-game Victory at Sea Pacific is a real-time-strategy-simulation-game developed by British indie-developer Evil Twin Artworks. Evil Twin Artworks was founded by the two brothers James Carroll and Mark Carroll. In 2014 they already released the prequel of Victory at Sea Pacific, Victory at Sea. The video-game Victory at Sea Pacific was also published by Evil Twin Artworks and is available for Microsoft Windows, MAC OS, and Linux since September 14, 2018.

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