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26.02.2016 • 5 Codes

Unravel: It all starts with a guiding red thread…

Unravel of 2016 is a heartwarming platformer game from Electronic Arts that integrates the numerous exercises in skill and pieces of a puzzle that you are supposed to match to a big picture. Your protagonist is an anthropomorphic creature composed of wool. This more than charming hero is named Yarni. He naturally receives eager support of our latest MegaTrainer and its cheats. These will empower you to creak all puzzles very easily and to overcome every heavy obstacle as light as a feather.
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: ColdWood Interactive
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Unravel Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Enabling this code your hero will be able to fly!
Num 6
Move right
With these codes you may move at will: up, down, left or right!
Num 4
Move left
With these codes you may move at will: up, down, left or right!
Move up
With these codes you may move at will: up, down, left or right!
Move down
With these codes you may move at will: up, down, left or right!

Special Hint

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The best news is: The story of Unravel 2016 is really touching: It will even make the sun shine in the hearts of any player. The video game begins in the house of an old, lonely and bitter woman who is about to lose a red wool yarn falling down from her hands: Thus this red thread unravels into the sympathetic character Yarni.
This cuddly creature consisting of wool and yarn is eager to bring back the long lost memories of the old woman by refilling the photo album of the old lady piece by piece. Something like that has not been seen yet in any other games: The story is told entirely without words. Yarni alone is the guiding thread that connects everything and everyone in this romantic story.
The stunning in-game world was inspired by the blossoming landscapes of Scandinavia with both the beauty and the dangers of a perfectly staged nature. The unique environment comes up with one physics-based puzzle after another that couldn't be any more authentic. That is exactly why Unravel is one step ahead to other games: As player you are the band that connects everything and everyone...


The mechanics and gameplay of the brand-new Unravel can best be compared to similar games such as Limbo or Trine 3 - The Artifacts of Power. But the game mechanics of this brand new platformer game of 2016 are really special – not to say exceptional!
The number of physics-based puzzles and exercises in skill is extremely versatile. The idiosyncrasy and the individuality of the character come to fruition beyond all measure. In order to navigate through the many levels, landscapes and seasons Yarni has to apply his wool in many different ways: As a lasso, climbing rope, to grip, swing and pull or even to build up bridges and trampolines! The many possible combinations are obvious.
Only by solving the demanding physics and combination puzzles you may advance in games like Unravel. Who has watched one of the many videos knows this already: your supply of yarn is finite and it can only be (re-)filled at selected locations. It is therefore particularly important that you combine the capabilities of your protagonists with the settings of the given environments cleverly.
Finally, in each level there are five hidden mysterious secrets: If you manage to uncover them, you can expect great surprises. Analogous to your character composed of wool these mysteries appear in the form of buttons.
The many videos online have also shown something else: The events in Unravel are so varied that they defy any description. The complex tasks and exciting challenges are very motivating – every single one of them. You will notice that for sure when you start to brachiate and to ride on the back of the autumn dragon...


For this breathtaking journey that you are about to embark on, you may need only one thing: The latest MegaTrainer of 2016. Therefore take this piece of advice: Don't play games anymore, better play along with our exclusive Unravel cheats and you will overcome all the puzzles and obstacles very easily. The unique and latest Unravel Trainer of MegaDev supplies you with everything you need to enjoy this exceptional spectacle to its fullest extent!


  • Stunning world inspired by the blooming landscapes of Scandinavia
  • News over news and videos over videos on the official home page
  • High degree of idiosyncrasy and individuality of the character
  • Challenging physics-based puzzles and exercises in skill
  • Different level, landscapes and seasons
  • Brand new and exceptional mechanics
  • An extensive range of possibilities
  • Five mysterious secrets per level
  • Plenty of positive reviews


The brand new platformer game Unravel that was published in February 2016 by Electronic Arts has totally convinced the editorialists of relevant news, reviews and games portals. Pars pro toto we should mention the final judgment of Gamepro. One of its authors, Tobias Veltin, has offered a very positive summary in one of his latest reviews:
”Unravel has enchanted me and hits a certain nerve. It are less the pure game mechanics, (...). Rather, it is the red wool character itself. Due to its animations or its expressions I can recognize the current feelings of Yarny almost all the time. Along with its noble mission this guy is for me more tangible and more likable than any other deep RPG character. (...).” We like to follow the line of this and the many other positive reviews out there: What starts off with a guiding red thread quickly unravels to become a heartwarming epic that you don’t want to miss at any cost!

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