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Ultra Street Fighter IV: The true Master of all Fighting Games!

Through the publication of Ultra Street Fighter IV all other fighting games have finally met their master, concerning this great firework of true action! Offering a choice of over 45 unique characters, each boasting individual skills, this spectacle game cast a spell on all players for a long time. Ultra Street Fighter IV carries the various combinations of attack, block and special attack to extremes. But only by using our cheats you will also carry your personal performance to extremes!
Game Profile
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Ultra Street Fighter IV Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Makes your fighter become immortal!
Super combo
Empowers you to perform Super Combo attacks as often as you want!
Godmode + One-Hit-Kill
Makes your fighter immortal and empowers him to beat each enemy with one single hit!
Super combo + no enemy combo
Empowers you to perform Super Combo attacks as often as you want, whereas your enemy can't perform any special attacks anymore.

Special Hint

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  • All Ultra Street Fighter IV cheats work for the human player only.
  • Ultra Street Fighter IV Cheats with the same ID cannot be used at the same time.



No other fighting game provides its fans with so many ways to bring their rivals to their knees! In this case, the incredible new edition of a very old classic offers not only six brand new characters. Also, Ultra Street Fighter IV stages the finishing moves quite impressive, which every fighter performs in his very own way. Of course, the graphics are state of the art. Whoever skates round this glorious Fighter, does not know at all what he is missing! In the game, you will meet all familiar characters you met in previous games. Ryu, Ken, Honda, Blanka, Guile, Vega, Chun Li, Mr. Bison, etc. - all those fighters were integrated into Ultra Street Fighter IV - with great success. The special moves of each combatant are more diverse than ever before! The great thing is: You can pause at any time during the fighting and read the shortcut keys for special attacks of each campaigner. This provides an enormous tactical advantage! Also, your fighter can perform a kind of slow-motion. Playing the previous games, you will know how the campaign mode runs in detail. You choose one of 45 fighters and enter the grand tournament. Worldwide you will face increasingly difficult opponents. Until the final boss rises against you and the ultimate battle will be fought.


Since each combatant of Ultra Street Fighter IV embodies a very unique fighting style it makes particularly great fun to carry out the campaign with several fighters. This will become even more apparent, regarding the finishing moves that each fighter executes, also called ultra-combos: Abel unleashes a veritable hail of punches and kicks, just before he throws his opponent into the air, only to catch up with him and to throw him back on the ground! The Fighter Akuma unfetters a wave of attacks so fast that the screen gets covered in black and Japanese writing. Another time he transforms a round-house-kick into a vortex of incessant blows, carrying his opponent to the afterlife! The boxer Balrog gets rid of his adversaries by giving them a head butt, followed by a kick to the foot and a knee punch right into the belly! Nobody can cope with that! Blanka, however, performs in these moments one of his special flash combo attacks. After that, his enemies are only a piece of fried meat! The fighter Connie bounces her counterpart on the neck, tears him around and breaks his bones! Whoever is still alive after that gets catapulted into the air and instantly punched back to the ground! This list could be carried on and on - but we do not want to spoil your spirit of discovery… Ultra Street Fighter IV has certainly more to offer than just wild combo attacks. For each fighter brings something quite particular in the arena: His very own background story! No matter, who you choose to go through the Arcade Mode, every one of the heroes has his own motives to participate in the "Worldwide Fighting Tournament". While a few just join the competition to gain fame and glory, other combatants join the tournament, because they have to protect their family from harm. That is why it is worth playing through Ultra Street Fighter IV with several characters: Finally, each story ends very special! And every battle is spiced with cool sayings and bragging behavior. Akuma for example welcomes his opponents with the saying: "I am Akuma and I will teach you the real meaning of pain!" Maybe you welcome him with a powerful Hadouken!


What a fun! This fighting game really has to offer everything you could possibly imagine! In fact, everything? Well, there are a few useful details, which only our exclusive Mega Trainer presents. For example, thanks to our Cheats, you will receive a permanent full combo energy, thus you can perform powerful attacks at any time. Furthermore you will be enhanced to set the combo energy of your adversaries down to zero! For very crispy challenges the Ultra Street Fighter IV Trainer provides you with the One-Hit-Kill and the Godmode! This is even more effective than any Hadouken!


  • One inspiring back-story for each fighter
  • All characters from the previous games
  • Spectacular Ultra Combo Finishes
  • Multitude of individual campaigners
  • Great combinations and attacks
  • Six brand new fighters/heroines
  • Innovative slow motion mode
  • Graphics at the highest level

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