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27.05.2016 • 13 Codes

Trulon - The Shadow Engine: Brilliant mix of steampunk games and Japanese RPGs!

Trulon - The Shadow Engine that was published on Steam in March 2016 stages an exciting Steampunk universe full of great magic! For better or for worse the heroine and monster hunter Gladia must find a remedy to tackle down a mysterious illness that threatens to engulf whole Tripudia. Hereby this adventure game combines some RPG elements with an innovative combat system that is based on playing cards. Therefore, the cheats of our MegaTrainer provide you with any amount of Gadium, aka Mana, so you can perform magic as often as you want.
Game Profile
Publisher: Headup Games
Developer: Kyy Games
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Trulon - The Shadow Engine Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
Fill experience
With this cheat you can fill your current experience-bar in game. It doesn't matter which level you are, the bar will always filled completely so you get a new level with the next action which give you experiences.
Fill Gadium
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+1 Level
Each time you activate this cheat, your main-character will be increased one level (without bonus!).
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
+10 Attack
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Defence
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Magic
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Initiative
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Vigor
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Finesse
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Cognition
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!
+10 Fortitude
Increases the values/resources/attributes according to the displayed value!

Special Hint

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They said we had nothing to fear. They said the Maelonions had only peaceful intentions. They said that the world would live in peace and harmony, but: They lied!
These are the exact words of your sympathetic heroine Gladia from Trulon - The Shadow Engine! This complex character does not fight for glory. She does not want to wage war, and yet she is forced to lead the resistance movement.
Repudiated as traitors, pursued as troublemakers and hunted as outlaws: You and your gathered warriors are exactly the heroes that the world of Trulon - The Shadow Engine needs. Hence. this unique adventure game makes you embark on an adventurous journey that leads through a colorful steampunk world.
The literary model that has inspired this video game most is the award-winning novel Shadow Gears of US-Star author Jak Koke. That is probably the main reason why the profound story stages so complex characters. Under your leadership your heroine and her comrades are about to enter an almost lost battle. The aim is to find a cure for a diabolical disease that spreads like the plague throughout the world of Tripudia.


The epoch-making card-battle system of Trulon - The Shadow Engine combines unexpected elements of chance with a traditional deck management as you may know it from games like Magic Duels, Magicka 2 or Hand of Fate. Managing and playing out over 50 different playing cards generates an extremely varied gameplay including an extremely high replay value. The games' system is incredibly intuitive. Even pioneers of the genre will have their easy way with it.
Recruiting a small group of armed resistance fighters you'll fight incredible battles. Each fight and each skirmish brings you a bit closer to your final destiny. The mysterious disease is on the verge of extinguishing the once proud kingdoms of Tripudia and Maelon.
The innovative card battle system offers you a variety of massive attacks and powerful magic in order to master the dangerous beasts. Especially the monstrous steampunk machines will make you sweat bullets by staging gigantic challenges.
But after all, the setting is really wonderful. The atmospheric music is well composed. It has been met with such a positive response that the entire soundtrack including two bonus tracks is offered on Steam since March 2016: A free DLC that really pays off!


This DLC also pays off: The latest MegaTrainer from 2016. These codes give a fresh impetus to your gameplay. Reach out for the exclusive Trulon - The Shadow Engine cheats by MegaDev and you will receive any amount of experience and Gadium, aka Mana, immediately. From now on you are a witcher par excellence. Finally, you will even receive the Godmode so all your heroes may gain immortality. Therefore it is obvious: Playing along with the Trulon - The Shadow Engine Trainer you will show your enemies who is boss. The world of Tripudia and Maelon do finally count on you and our Trainer!


  • Based on the award-winning novel Shadow Gears by US author Jak Koke
  • Videos over videos and news over news on Steam and online
  • Skills and abilities of more than 50 different playing cards
  • Innovative combat system based on inspiring cards
  • Profound story including very complex characters
  • Exciting steampunk universe full of great magic
  • Pronounced varied and stunning gameplay
  • Many unexpected random elements
  • Monstrous steampunk machines
  • Extremely high replay value


The cooperation project Trulon - The Shadow Engine of Kyy Games and Headup Games has a pretty exciting development history we want to outline briefly. The first lines of this astonishing video game originated in 2007. But then the game designer Johan Lillbacka decided to make common cause with the award-winning US author Jak Koke, whose latest novel Shadow Gears has also appeared in 2016. This literary work has been the major inspiration for this video game. Logically both pieces play in the Trulon universe. All different characters of the game are based on hand-written stories. The collaboration has clearly paid off: Anyone who is inclined to experience science fiction and fantasy will appreciate the true value of this brilliant mix of steampunk and Japanese RPGs!

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