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Tropico 5: Being dictator over five centuries!

From the colonial era, through world economic crises, revolutions, world wars, the Cold War and finally up to futuristic challenges of the 21st century, Tropico 5 is all about to maintain the achievements of your dynasty. Featuring a new merchant fleet, new research technologies, exploration missions and competitive and co-operative multi-player mode, Tropico 5 presents exciting innovations. How fortunate that our cheats will accelerate any of these actions tremendously!
Game Profile
Publisher: Kalypso Media
Developer: Haemimont Games
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Tropico 5 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Due to the fact the money was highly encrypted in Tropico 5 with patch 1.03, it was necessary to remove the 2 money-cheats with defined money-values and create to mega-money-cheat instead!

  • save the current game or load a savegame
  • pause the game
  • activate the money-cheat
  • place a new building
  • in this moment you've a 50:50 chance to get a large positive or negative value as money
  • if your money is negative now, disable the cheat and reload the savegame
  • if your money is positive now, disable the cheat and save the game again to have this backup
Freeze swiss bank account to 500,000
This cheat has to be activated within the normal gameplay. After it you've to click the family dynasty icon to open it. The money of your swiss bank account will be changed in this moment.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • The Tropico 5 cheats shouldn't be used within the tutorial.
  • All cheats in Tropico 5 should only be used in the moment you really need them, because the game may crash in video-sequences and so on with active cheats!



Unlike to Tropico 4, in Tropico 5 you are about to preserve your reign over several epochs by impersonating “El Presidente” again. At the beginning of the game you create your dictator and his family in the so-called dynasty kit. This promises a lot of humor: You can equip your mad man for example with a pacifier, a hipster beard or a bum look. Afterward you have to take care of the structure of your business and your trading systems. By always having the happiness of your population in mind, you construct luxury villas, country houses, restaurants, shops, etc...


A complex dictators craft also includes the establishment of good relations with neighboring countries - of course also the maintenance of a powerful army. Furthermore you always have to keep up with the times, if you do not want to get overrun by more modern countries. In World War II era your efforts to research, diplomacy and trade will intensify tremendously. Everyone who has the guts, operates an opaque policy full of intrigues and subterfuges. But concerning your home politics, the satisfaction of your people develops - from the 20th century on - to a more and more important issue. Throughout elections are to win! The challenge to overcome the balancing act to push your cigars export on the one hand but to keep good relations to the environmental lobby on the other hand, is only one of the multifaceted dares that Tropico 5 permanently issues.


This time your rule really has to overcome many crises. From the colonial era to the future of the 21st century, you will additionally encounter other disasters than the two world wars. Economic crises, natural disasters, revolutions, and many other nasty surprises are going to shake the foundations of your throne of power. To overcome all these horrendous dangers the Tropico 5 Trainer supplies you with any amount of money! Featuring this and other exciting Cheats our MegaTrainer makes sure that nothing and no one calls your rule over your tropical island kingdom into question!


  • Build up a powerful merchant fleet and conclude favorable contracts with neighboring countries
  • Create a Network for your dictatorship and promote family members to positions of power
  • Determine the fate of your island through four epochs of world history
  • Continuously modernize your kingdom by the expanded economic system
  • For the first time: check out a cooperative and conventional multi-player mode
  • Numerous historical events guarantee a lot of variety
  • Start a free play in sandbox mode
  • Experience an entirely revised graphics

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