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06.04.2017 • 6 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: PlayWay S.A.
Developer: Si7 Studio
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+1,000 Money
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value. Before activating the cheat, open table once and click on improve workshop!
+5,000 Money
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value. Before activating the cheat, open table once and click on improve workshop!
Repair part by condition check
This cheat instantly repairs the highlighted part during condition checks!
Check all parts
This cheat instantly checks all parts!
Repair all parts
This cheat instantly repairs all parts!

Special Hint

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Train Mechanic Simulator 2017: Woo Trains! Choo Choo!

In the 2017 released train-simulation-video-game Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 it is all about repairing trains. Dismantle electrical, diesel and even old steam locomotives in the garage and get them running again! With the help the exclusive cheats in the 2017 MegaTrainer, your workshop will soon be known in the entire gaming-world!


You will spend most of your time in your garage in the video-game Train Mechanic Simulator 2017. Later in the game, you will own and run 3 different garages. The workshop is where all the magic happens. Dismantling trains and putting them back together, part by part. Your tablet is your hub for finding new contracts. In addition to repairs, you must always keep an eye on your finances as well. You can only be successful in the simulation-game Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 if you have a decent cost-value-ration. Meaning you should never overspend on some fancy parts especially if the contract does not bring in enough money to justify big expenses. Visually the video-game is powered by the Unity engine and performs very well even on older PCS. The price tag is around 15 bucks and for everything you can do in the game, it is definitely a lot of bang for your buck!


There are 9 different train models you can repair in the game. Steam-, electric- and diesel locomotives can be completely disassembled in your 3 workshops. Once you have found the damaged parts and replaced them, you will reassemble the machine part by part. The Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 is set in a 25-square-meter open gaming-world, which features a large-scale railway network and various beautiful locations. Each train can be dismantled down to the smallest parts, there are more than 1,000 different and unique components in the game. Not all locomotives appeared immediately in your workshop after accepting an order. More often than not you have to jump into one of your trains and look for it.The trains can be controlled from 1st or 3rd person. The operator's cab has been designed with lots of love and attention to detail. Blasting down the rails at 50mph is a whole lot of fun! The video-game Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 is certainly not for everyone, but if you are someone who likes to take things apart and fix them, take a look at the unique video-game Train Mechanic Simulator 2017!


To avoid bankruptcy in the video-game Train Mechanic Simulator 2017, you can count on financial support from our 2017 MegaTrainer. The Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 Cheats allow you to activate codes for more money, in values from 1,000 to 5,000. This ensures that your workshop always has the latest cutting edge technology available. In the Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 Trainer we offer unique cheats for checking and repairing parts. With one click, our trainers immediately check all parts and inform you which ones are broken and need to be replaced. You can even go one step further in the MegaTrainer, with the repair all parts-cheat. Every train in your workshop will be repaired immediately with this amazing code!


  • Beautiful environments thanks to the Unity-Engine
  • 25 square meters of open gaming-world
  • Steam, electric and diesel locomotives
  • Low hardware requirements
  • 1,000 different components
  • 9 different trains


The video-game Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 was published by PlayWay S.A. The publisher has its headquarters in Poland and has already provided us with other awesome simulation-games like Car Mechanic Simulator 2015!

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