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Total Club Manager 2005: The Ball is round, and a Game lasts 90 Minutes

It is indeed simple to describe soccer with the words of Sepp Herberger, but in reality it might be more complicated. Total Club Manager 2005 is the best evidence for the complexity and diversity of soccer in general and its management in particular. The great thing about Total Club Manager 2005 is that every club has the same opportunities.
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Canada
Release Year: 2004
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Total Club Manager 2005 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
freeze club-money to 250.000.000
Activate this cheat and change your money-value in game. The cheat-effect will be visible after changing the money.
freeze manager-money to 250.000.000
Activate this cheat and change your money-value in game. The cheat-effect will be visible after changing the money.
finances-plan cheat
The finances-plan cheat sets the value for salaries + transfer fee + building + supporting costs and so on with every action to 1, so you won't be fired at the end of the season, because you've ignored the finances guidelines while spending the cheated money.
Disable cheats
Disables all cheats.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • All cheats should be disabled before you end the day to prevent effects for the AI.
  • All currency values are always given in Euro.



If your management is clean, your training efficient and your tactic innovative, your favorite team can perform meteoric jumps: From Regional League up to the Champions League. In this case you have to handle many tasks. Impersonating a coach, you organize the lineup, issue training plans and optimize the tactics of your team.


Being a manager you are looking for cheap transfers, watching talents and book the next training camp. Impersonating the CEO you organize the extension of the stadium, assign advertising contracts and arrange the initial public offering. The Total Club Manager 2005 is certainly one thing: Versatile!


Thanks to the cheats, our MegaTrainer provides, you will be freed from any causes for concerns. Now you are able to gather money for your association and/or your manager up to 250,000,000. In addition, the financial plan cheat ensures that by every action you perform the values of salaries, transfer fees, construction costs, maintenance costs, etc. go down to one. Thus you can spend all the cheated money at will, without getting fired at the end of the season because of not complying with the financial guidelines. By getting hold of the Total Club Manager 2005 Trainer you definitely start the ball rolling!


  • Customize your players out of 30 different skills and 26 character traits
  • Gather the information of all the statistics to improve your tactics
  • Always watch the behavior of your stars to respond appropriately
  • Tremendous player database, which represents 20 national leagues
  • Discover tons of playful options and an authentic AI
  • Create own game systems with the tactics editor

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