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13.11.2018 • 14 Codes
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Publisher: PlayWay S.A.
Developer: Noble Muffins
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Thief Simulator Cheats

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  • Thief Simulator is a fully dynamic game, which creates game functions at runtime, if needed. That's why our cheats in the Thief Simulator trainer can only be activated after the game has triggered the needed task at least one! Please read and follow our cheat-instructions carefully!


Thief Simulator: The best thief in the neighborhood!

In the 2018 released Action-Indie-Simulation-Video-Game Thief Simulator you take on the role of a thief. Get information about targets, steal items and equipment and sell them at the Pawn Shop or Online. A master thief must never be seen, making Stealth the highest goal and a priority in the video game Thief Simulator. Even a master thief can use a helping hand from time to time, that’s what our 2018 MegaTrainer with its unique and awesome Premium-Training-Codes, Cheats and Trainers is for.


Most people probably stole something once in their life be it just jewelry, a television set or even a whole car. If you want to be perfectly prepared for the next time, you are able to practice with the newly released video-game Thief Simulator! Free roam sandbox neighborhoods, which you can observe and rob. Organized crime at its finest. Observe your targets and gather information. Find out when someone is at home and when they’re not, if they have nosy neighbors if there is a security system or not and so much more. Choose one of many ways to enter and leave the property unnoticed. Gather and sell your loot, learn new tricks & skills and buy high-tech equipment to make your heists easier. Be careful though, in some houses, you can meet unexpected guests, if they notice you, they will call the police and you have to flee the scene hide and/or run away. In the worst case, leave your loot behind and run away. Prove your skills as a master thief. Make every neighborhood unsafe in the video-game Thief Simulator.


The video-game Thief Simulator is an open-world-simulator that gives you great freedom in the preparation of your crimes. You can observe your targets, watch them from close or far away with binoculars to find out what they’re doing all day and when the house is empty. Look around for receipts in trash bins or forgotten keys near windows. A large number of tools and high-tech equipment are at your disposal. From simple lock picks to micro cameras, car lock pick guns, night vision goggles, and car key signal cloners. Move quickly and quietly. Break into houses, take what you’re able to carry and leave the house without any trace. Gather your stolen items and sell them Online or at a Pawn Shop. Plan your next burglary and become the master thief of your neighborhood in the video-game Thief Simulator.


No master thief just fell from the sky. That’s why you have looked for support since every thief needs a henchman. Say hello to your righthand man theThief Simulator Trainer that supports you with sophisticated Thief Simulator Cheats, Codes and Premium Codes. With our money cheat you can easily get more cash to afford new equipment and the speed cheat increases the walking speed of your character. With the character cheats you are able to increase the XP, level and skill points of your character to unlock better skills. The stealth cheat makes you invisible to all inhabitant, allowing you to move freely around the neighborhood. Our No Police cheat will keep the coppers far away from you. These and many more Thief Simulator Cheats, Codes and Premium Codes are waiting for you in our Thief Simulator Trainer!


  • Unlock new skills and equipment
  • 21 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Steal from your neighborhood
  • Organized crime
  • Plan burglaries
  • Stealth Mode
  • Open-World


The Polish video-game-developers Noble Muffins had a successful start with their simulation-video-game Thief Simulator. The small developer studio Noble Muffins has already released two more simulation-games one of them being Demolish & Build 2018 released in 2018. The publisher of the masterpiece Thief Simulator is one of the best-known Polish publishers: PlayWay S.A. They have been well represented in the simulation-genre for several years now with video-games like the Car Mechanic franchise which first saw the light of day in 2014 with Car Mechanic Simulator 2014, the newest installment being Car Mechanic Simulator 2018. Other games like Ultimate Fishing Simulator and Train Mechanic Simulator 2017 from 2017 and one of their best games House Flipper released 2018. The video-game Thief Simulator was published on November 9, 2018, on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

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