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01.05.2012 • 7 Codes

The Witcher: Varied Battles Deluxe!

The fulminate action role-playing game The Witcher is based on the acclaimed book series of the Polish star author Sapkowski: Your witcher, Geralt of Riva, is drawn by numerous scarves. Although he earns his daily bread as a successful monster hunter, he is feared by his fellow men. After all, our MegaTrainer will make his work easier: Especially since these cheats will boost the talents of your magician beyond imagination!
Game Profile
Publisher: CD Projekt RED
Release Year: 2007
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Witcher Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Unlimited stamina
With this cheat you get unlimited stamina.
No toxicity
As soon as you activate this cheat, your toxicity will be decreased to zero.
50,000 Orens
This cheat sets your orens (money) to the given value.
+1 bronze talent
These cheats increase your talent-points by one. If the change is always +2, try to press the hotkeys in trainer instead of in game.
+1 silver talent
These cheats increase your talent-points by one. If the change is always +2, try to press the hotkeys in trainer instead of in game.
+1 gold talent
These cheats increase your talent-points by one. If the change is always +2, try to press the hotkeys in trainer instead of in game.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.


The thoroughly brilliant action role-playing game The Witcher is based on a series of books by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. Despite of its Eastern European origin, the thrilling fantasy game was crowned with worldwide success. No wonder: the captivating plot, the genuine gameplay and the gigantic in-game-world convince across the board!
The scarred protagonist Geralt of Rivia, a professional monster slayer, belongs in The Witcher to an almost extinct community: the witchers! Equipped with two powerful blades and unmistakable by his long white hair, the hero goes through a tragic time after a terrible war, in which the members of his guild are feared or despised by the common people. After the last stronghold of the witchers was successfully attacked, the ways of the mages were separated and Geralt is obliged to find his own way in a racist environment…
Although he would rather not take sides of the rival nations, he will rely on allies, if he wants to put a stop to the scheming criminal organization’s game.
During the fights, the hero swings his silver sword against monsters and only raises his steely blade against people. During your epic journey you will constantly develop your character traits like strength, agility, endurance and intelligence, enhance your five magical witcher abilities and upgrade your six fighting styles...
In the unique real-time combat system of The Witcher you act strong, fast or in a group. Depending on the chosen fighting style and the experience level, your hero fights in a variety of ways - with very different weapons. More variety does not exist -literally!


  • Unique real-time combat system
  • Many far reaching decisions
  • Epic fantasy saga
  • Gigantic game world

OK, there is a bit more variety, which only the The Witcher Trainer provides!

The Cheats of our MegaTrainer arbitrarily increase your talent, no matter whether it is a bronze, silver or gold talent. Additionally, you will receive tons of Orens aka money, hence you can buy everything your heart desires. Furthermore, The Witcher Trainer provides you with infinite stamina as well as with the Godmode and he finally protects your warrior of being poisoned! This ensures variety deluxe!

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