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13.07.2016 • 7 Codes

The Solus Project: Challenging and funny experience full of drama and excitement!

The Solus Project from 2016 is a very special first-person exploration adventure video game including versatile survival elements. The plot takes place at the remote and mysterious planet Gliese-6143-C. There you are looking for a new place for humanity to live. However, if you want to defy the rigors of this harsh planet, then the cheats of our latest MegaTrainer will support you there. Using them you won't feel any need for hunger, water and sleep anymore. Thus, you may a find new home for your abandoned fellows way faster!
Game Profile
Publisher: Teotl Studios
Developer: Grip Games, Hourences
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Solus Project Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+1,000 Cal/Hunger
Disables your need for hunger, thirst and sleep!
Infinite Cal
Disables your need for hunger, thirst and sleep!
You can stay awake for another 12 hours
Disables your need for hunger, thirst and sleep!
Infinite water
Disables your need for hunger, thirst and sleep!
Always 37°C body temperature
With this cheat your temperature will be freezed according to the displayed value!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

Special Hint

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The Solus Project from 2016 is the spiritual successor to The Ball, which was honored with the 2010 PC Gamer Action/Adventure Game of the Year Award. Furthermore, the developers of Hourences, Grip Games and Teotl studios are pretty well known for the game Unmechanical. But let's go back to The Solus Project: This intriguing exploration adventure sends you on an isolated and harsh planet. The reason for this?
Earth was completely destroyed. The rest of humanity has escaped in a small fleet, now approaching Pluto – the limits of the known universe. As a last hope you and your crew have been send out to search for other planets finding a new place for humanity to live, on which a new colony may grow and prosper.
But once your ship has entered the orbit of the planet Gliese-6143-C, it gets attacked and crashes. Now, your crew is dead. You are the only survivor and completely on your own. There is hardly any equipment, no way to communicate and no one will help you!
Of course the question remains open: Who the hell shot your spaceship?
As far as the planet Gliese is concerned, there exists no life, not even animals. Only a particularly harsh climate. And yet you'll find traces of a bygone civilization that seems to be very similar to that of the human race. Anyway, you'll wander from one mystery to the next ever trying not to succumb to the harsh climate and to find out, if your civilization can settle here.


And indeed, one of the main characters of The Solus Project – the planet Gliese – is full of mysteries and puzzles. The abandoned planet is covered by a vast ocean on which are 5 gigantic islands. During daytime there are maximum temperatures up to 45 degrees Celsius, at night it goes down to minus 30 degrees. The islands is connected by a networked system of caves. The crucial parts of your spaceship are spread throughout the islands. In all those places you come across massive tombs – the remains of a long lost civilization. Who were these mysterious beings – half alien, half human? And why has their civilization vanished?
That's just one of the many questions that you need to clarify in The Solus Project. As far as the tombs and caves are concerned, there are more than 200 secrets to unlock. You may achieve this only by crafting items like there's no tomorrow.
The campaign comes up with 10 hand-crafted level where you have to clear the way by solving puzzles through 5 peculiar islands and through 5 huge caves.
The atmosphere on the planet is extremely dynamic and at the same time: it is your greatest enemy. The dynamic weather system calculates temperature, wind speed, humidity and cloud coverage. Basing on that it generates varied climatic peculiarities that may make your life a living hell. At the latest when it is raining fireballs. But earthquakes, tornadoes, storms, meteors, lightning and other harsh climatic conditions come up with real tests for you.
Actually, your body reacts to everything! Is it perhaps too wet? Did you have too little sleep? Are you going uphill right now? Has the humidity level risen? Nerve-racking survival elements are to be experienced here in abundance! Therefore it is high time to explore the alien planet Gliese being both an astronaut and archaeologist in order to collect useful items, craft practical tools and tinker a communication device.
But beware: Your death would finally cause the end of humanity.


Let's see! The codes of our latest MegaTrainer from 2016 may delay your death for sure! Delay? The Godmode will make you even immortal! The other The Solus Project cheats, on the other hand, will ensure that you may not need any food, water or sleep. Thanks to an extra code you can stay awake for another 12 hours whenever you want. In addition, a final cheat ensures that your body temperature remains constantly at 37 degrees Celsius. No fever for your character! That much is for sure: It may be a long way, but playing along with the latest The Solus Project Trainer from 2016 you will provide your fellow man left behind a new home!


  • First-person exploration-adventure video game including survival elements
  • Maximum temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius to about minus 30
  • Huge tombs: the remains of a long lost civilization
  • Dynamic weather system in a hostile atmosphere
  • Earthquakes, tornadoes, storms and meteors
  • Strange planet full of mysteries and puzzles
  • Next Ocean and 5 gigantic islands
  • Strongly linked cave system
  • Varied climatic peculiarities
  • Over 200 secrets to uncover
  • 10 hand-crafted level


The video game The Solus Project from 2016 is one of the few games that support Virtual Reality. The development is not yet complete, but soon you'll enjoy the spectacle The Solus Project with your VR goggles Vive or Oculus. But The Solus Project is not just a VR game and it was not designed with an exclusive VR gameplay. A VR headset is not required to play this game. Whoever has no VR device will yet experience an incredibly challenging and funny experience full of drama and excitement!

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