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The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire: Everything is different!

At first sight The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire seems as usual. But if you look closely, you will see that a lot has changed. Good or bad? We will see that! In comparison to The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings as well as to its Add-Ons The Settlers 5 - Heritage Of Kings - Expansion Disc and The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings - Legends Expansion Disc, The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire calls: Back to the roots!
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Blue Byte
Release Year: 2007
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Settlers 6 - Rise Of An Empire Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other codes won't work properly!
Freeze citizens + units count
Using the freeze-cheats allows you to freeze your points or time to their current values.
Num 1
Hovered unit: disable
Allows you to deactivate or injure the selected unit!
Num 2
Hovered unit: damage
Allows you to deactivate or injure the selected unit!
Num 3
Hovered unit: heal
Using this Cheat, you are able to heal yourself!
Num 0
Hovered building: destroy
Allows you to destory every object with just one hit.

Special Hint

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That means we are watching at a complex building simulation, whose overarching objective is to become a powerful and invincible kingdom. To reach this goal you have to think forward-looking and to place your buildings on a strategic favourable place. Already beginning, while you are accepting the 1st mission. Every decision you make will have an impact on the growth of your city. One miscalculation in the 1st mission may be harmfully detected a lot later! This fact leads us directly to a closer look: Handicraftsmen are running around? Why is the blacksmith leaving his workplace? What happened to the continuous batting on iron, we are used to? Why are the lumberjacks on strike?! Are they hungry? Yes indeed! The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire is a little bit more than a building-simulation! You could call it a quite realistic economic simulation. Game principles, which forced you to quarry raw materials near the provided company, are not applicable anymore. There are no direct transportation ways like in The Settlers 2 - 10th Anniversary Edition anymore.


Resources will always go to the marketplace into central storage. From there you can get the required material. Even if the forge of the blacksmith stands next to the mine, he has to go into the city to get his work material. Well, actually the developers of Blue Byte had the right intentions, by installing a medieval city in The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire and providing it with a more centralized trading centre (market place), because that is way more realistic than carriers and handicraftsmen, sitting in their store. It becomes a problem, if your city flourishes, is getting bigger and you will conquer more surrounding settlements. This is when your transport routes are becoming longer and your handicraftsmen are more on the street than in their building houses. You are not allowed to build additional warehouses! Thus you have to think fore-front, at the beginning of the game, where to place your trading centre. Sometimes you should bring the wrecking-ball into use and replace your market place. This seems cumbersome, but it actually doesn’t lower your gaming fun, because your central trading post creates a lively atmosphere inside your settlement. People are walking around, meet each other and can even fall in love since there are, for the very first time, female settlers! Now you can flirt and party! If the weather is okay. The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire has 4 different climate zones, including realistic weather conditions and a change of seasons. Endless summer is over! Now you have to deal with drought, too much rain and food storage for the upcoming winter. This is the only way to gain more power. See, there is a lot to do, a lot to consider and a lot to plan! Who had thought, that the fauna of your surroundings in The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire will eat your harvest? Who had thought, that an under-used handicraftsman will go on strike? Hunger and a lack of hygiene are additional reasons for your people to protest. Therefore: Show them, that you care for their needs! An additional, beautiful feature, which sprung off the heads of Blue Byte is the new, overworked editor. Now you can create your own cards and build your own worlds and show them to all the fans of your community! Yes, The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire is very interactive. On the inside and on the outside. On the one hand your settlers interact between each other and their surroundings, on the other you can interact with other gamers and your friends. This is what makes The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire different from every prior game of this series.


Weather, climate, pests, enemies, wives, strike – this is just a small selection of the things you have to think of - constantly. Thus you just can’t be concerned of other things, too! The MegaTrainer and our Cheats make your live a whole lot easier. You can destroy buildings on hostile ground just by swiping your cursor over them (you should be careful though, because you could destroy buildings that you will need by yourself). In addition you can heal your units and hurt the enemy’s. The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire Trainer gives you the opportunity to deactivate whole units. They stay immobile but can’t be attacked. If you freeze Settlers and units, their amount doesn’t go up, this gives you a whole lot of new tactical opportunities! The Settlers 6 – Rise of an Empire Trainer eases your live as an emperor and covers your back!


  • Lively surroundings designed with a lot of love for detail
  • Create your own world and share it with your friends
  • Impressive weather conditions and seasonal changes
  • Realistic business simulation of a medieval city
  • Settlers have needs like hunger and boredom
  • Extensive defence strategies

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