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01.05.2012 • 16 Codes

The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings: Known bustling factor with Story and new Optics

The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings doesn’t stand back facing notorious classics like The Settlers 2 - 10th Anniversary Edition and The Settlers 2 - 10th Anniversary - The Vikings. On the contrary! High – quality 3D, lots of love for detail and an absorbing, epic story make this offshoot of the series top-list of all Settlers-Fans.
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Ubisoft, Blue Byte
Release Year: 2004
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings Cheats

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+1.000 Taler/money
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1 Taler/money
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By using the instant-build/-research-cheats your buildings, research and units will be completed much faster.
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By using the instant-build/-research-cheats your buildings, research and units will be completed much faster.
Fast research
By using the instant-build/-research-cheats your buildings, research and units will be completed much faster.

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From pixel density to breath-taking graphics, from economics-simulation to fantasy-adventure, even calling for a strategic mind, the developers of Blue Byte took all wishes and all critique of the fans to heart. The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings fights back the predecessors mediocrity, by polishing up the image of the cultic game from Germany. The story of The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings is epic and highly promising. The young prince Dario returns into his realm, shaking by tyranny. The prehistory is told in an empathetic and striking sequence, directly at the beginning. You learn about Tyrants and villains, overrunning the Old Kingdom, about an old king, sending his son into safety and about a glorious return of the gone prince, occurring 15 years later. Nearly seamless the cinematic sequences are merging into your first mission.


Fair enough. But you wouldn’t talk about innovations, if Blue Byte would have stopped at new graphics and an innovative background story. No. They brought in a completely new RPG- element, concerning the Settlers Saga. Aside the protagonist Dario, whom you control as an independent unit, more main characters add up alongside the storyline. Interesting is the fact, that you are dependent on the special features each and every character provides. Dario, for example, is an exceptional scout, while Pilgrim is a demolition expert (well, he can blow a pathway to the valley) and the robber baroness Ari is the go-to-girl in matters of espionage and infiltration. In addition, another RPG-element comes up with the fact, that your captains of each fighting unit will gain experience points! This could have a major influence on the game. What else makes The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings standing out in front of its predecessors and its competitors? Breath-taking graphics, as well as the atmospheric sound! Watch your settlement bustling around in marvellous 3D! The landscapes, buildings and units are designed with a lot of love for detail. Rise your own Gaming-Fun by zooming in to the events and experiencing it very close to the action! Even better: The new “Fish tank effect” makes it possible to make the surface of chosen buildings transparent! Observe bakers, craftsmen and blacksmiths and amuse yourself over the lively ambience. The fantastic background music makes the scenery complete. The Theme song alone will blow away your ears, for it is played by Apocalyptica! It even gets better through the support of the lead singers of the two leading Finnish bands HIM and The Rasmus. This is, literally, music composed for your ears! But the rest of the soundtracks perfectly frame the story of The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings and provide a vital contribution to the fun of the game. And while we are talking about famous voices: The Narrator, giving you hints, telling you tricks and feeding you with information throughout the game – the so called mentor – gets his voice from the famous German comedian superstar Oliver Kalkofe. Be prepared to laugh out loud more than once, hearing the mentor giving you ironic advice.


Become the master of your resources! Our cheats will ease your mind thinking about not expanding your settlement. No building projects will halt and no place will fallow. The MegaTrainer gives you maximum resources. You are even able to keep them on the same level until the point in time, in which you will decide to deactivate the cheat – should you ever want that. This way, you can keep tyranny at bay and rise your kingdom to old fame. Enabling the The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings Trainer, you will built your new kingdom and lead your heroes to eternal fame!


  • Rising difficulty beginning at the 1st up to the 20th mission
  • “Fish tank effect“ for even more fun
  • Mentor voiced by Oliver Kalkofe

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