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The Settler 5 – The Heritage of kings – Legends: Campaign Game over Campaign Game

The second Add-On The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings – Legends of the cult game The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings raises to another level than its direct predecessor The Settlers 5 - Heritage Of Kings - Expansion Disc. Instead of one complex campaign, you are able to enjoy hour after hour in 4 campaigns in a full of 17 missions. You want to live through all legends of all 12 of the saga’s heroes? Then you have to play all missions!
Game Profile
Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Blue Byte
Release Year: 2005
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings - Legends Expansion Disc Cheats

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freeze & max resources
With this cheat you can maximize your resources and hold this value until you disable the cheat.
undo 'freeze resources'
Disables all cheats.

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  • The entries in the MTXL work with the german version of the game only. For all other languages it's necessary to use the MT-X!



You have read correctly. If you want to get through all of the heroes legends, you have to play all missions of The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings – Legends. Why? First of all, it is fun! Second, the campaigns and the missions remember more of loosely knit short stories and anecdotes – especially in comparison to a complex story. This is the point, where lots of Settlers-Fans felt snubbed, but the gaming fun isn’t reduced one bit. Nevertheless you are able to experience a whole bunch of special abilities! It is wrong to think, that The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings – Legends had no changes whatsoever! Next to exciting combat in this Add-On, you are able to interact with the surroundings of your settlers. For instance, you have to defend yourself and your units against wolves and save your village. You can enjoy the sight of new, breath-taking coastal landscapes, watching its cliffs, dams and lighthouses. And the best thing is, thanks to the new editor, you are even able to change the sights! The heights of the hills, the depths of the valleys and the tree population can be changed by a random generator. If you want to relax from all these action driven fights, you can give yourself away to the peaceful building-simulation and watch your Settlement grow and grow and grow...


Maybe you want to take the other side and watch the legends from a different angle? Why should you always take the side of the good guy? The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings - Legends gives you the opportunity to changes sides and mingle with the bad guys. Lead your units into battle and fight against your former allies you have met in the predecessors! Who knows? Maybe you will teach the legendary heroes what fear is? After all, the never met an opponent like you before. But nevertheless, which side you’ll choose, only resources will lead you to victory. Therefore The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings - Legends makes you not to ignore your search. This is the link between all parts of the German cult-saga and the fact that provides the Settler-games with all they need to be considered as successful and well beloved classics!
Unfortunately, The Settlers 5 - Heritage of Kings - Legends is not entirely good stuff. Critics miss the complexity in the game. There is no super-ordinate story, which links all campaigns, the sequences seem love- and colourless. This flaw is even more noticeable, if you compare it to the thrilling animated combat scenes. A whole lot of gamers can’t identify themselves with the characters. This distance seems to make the stories foreseeable and sluggish. Maybe this is the right motivation to choose the other side? It is not important, if you meet the heroes as opponent or just focus on the beautifully worked-out Single-missions, you will get your gaming-fun anyway! Very soon, you remember the importance of the main thing Settlers is about: the hour-long, persistent building of a new settlements!


Even legendary heroes have to fulfil their tasks. And yours are, aside of fighting epic battles, the gathering of resources. After all, your Village has to have stock and expand! That is how you can see your settlers prosper! Using the MegaTrainer, you don’t have to think about the well-being of your units and can lose yourself completely in your building-strategy. Our cheats will set any resources on maximum level and freeze this status. Your income is safe that way and you can ensure, that your settlement and your units will expand constantly. The Settlers 5 – Heritage of Kings – Legends Trainer clears the way for you, in order to achieve the status “legendary”. Now you don’t have to think about resources and growth any longer!


  • Thrilling real time fights vs. peaceful creation-simulation
  • More interaction with the surroundings
  • Generate new landscapes with the editor
  • 4 different campaigns with 17 missions
  • Play the legends of the 12 heroes

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