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19.01.2016 • 2 Codes

The Chaos Engine: Old but Oho!

The colossal shoot'em-up The Chaos Engine of Abstraction Games that was first published in 1993 is celebrating an incredible comeback since 2013: The brand-new edition will send you into a dark cyber-punk world that challenges you to shoot the way clear with hardened mercenaries and unique weapons! Our current MegaTrainer of 2016 keeps firing full blast as well: Its cheats make you become immortal! Therefore: Shoot first, ask questions later!
Game Profile
Publisher: The Bitmap Brothers
Developer: The Bitmap Brothers, Renegade Software
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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Add gold
This cheat increases your gold, according to the displayed value!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

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The decisive news about this groundbreaking story are as follows: The Chaos Engine stages a gloomy cyber-punk world in the Victorian era. Whoever hears cyber-punk will think inevitably of games like BioShock, Shadowrun Returns or Satellite Reign, but nevertheless: The obscure cyber-punk world of The Chaos Engine is different than in those games...
Back in the Victorian era (1837 - 1901) a brilliant computer was invented: Originally it was supposed to serve the benefit of humanity, but it turned out to become its curse! The experiments with the more and more self-thinking machine have failed tremendously.
People have lost control and the era of cyber domination is now coming: The world plunges into chaos. There are only a few mercenaries left that have the courage to defy the bizarre machine-monsters. Therefore, you choose from six hardened mercenaries and start to shoot your way clear through this tangle.


Initially this may go easy. But the challenges are getting harder from level to level! The cyber-punk world of The Chaos Engine is designed extremely versatile. The beasts created by the machine - aka Chaos Engine - will put your skills to the test like no enemy before!
While you shoot the way free, you will collect various power-ups, a lot of gold and a number of keys in order to overcome the tricky puzzles and nasty traps. But some obstacles can only be overcome by strong firepower!
In addition, The Chaos Engine integrates a variety of hidden items and secret paths into its refreshing and varied gameplay! At the end of each level you get the possibility to upgrade your weapons, buy new items and improve the attributes of your characters. This will be highly recommended, especially since at the end of the game you have to challenge nobody else than the Chaos Engine in person!


It would be ridiculous, if our current MegaTrainer 2016 can’t deal with all the adversities of this obscure cyber-punk environment! But wait: Our codes give you vast amounts of gold. Thus you can buy all upgrades for your weapons and mercenary characters. As the saying goes in that Pink Floyd song: "Money, money, money, must be funny in a rich man's world"! Right: With our codes you get 'money' as far as the eye can see! But it gets even better: Our other The Chaos Engine cheats of 2016 provide you with the Godmode and therefore grant immortality! Hence, the The Chaos Engine Trainer follows only one creed: Shoot first, ask questions later!


  • Ingenious new edition of Abstraction Games and The Bitmap Brothers
  • Arcane cyber-punk world not comparable to other games
  • Mighty upgrades for weapons and mercenary characters
  • Increasing challenges and tasks from level to level
  • News over news and videos over video online
  • About 30 exciting Steam-Achievements
  • Myriads of unique weapons
  • Atmospheric graphics


To say one thing first: The spectacular run-and-gun action game The Chaos Engine of Abstraction Games is old! Very old: Judging by the developments in the IT sector it is even Stone-Age-old! The very first release of this game was not launched in 2013 but in 1993 already! First, this colossal shoot'em-up game was published for the almost-forgotten console Commodore Amiga. Other versions have been released for the AGA-Amiga consoles. In addition to the Amiga consoles, The Chaos Engine was ported over the years for MS-DOS and was offered for several games consoles that you might only know from your childhood: Super Nintendo, Atari, Amiga CD32 and Sega Megadrive.
This is how old this video game is! The amazing thing: The new edition of 2013 is still a treat even in 2016! Therefore, the conclusion is: This video-game is old but oho!

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