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01.05.2012 • 5 Codes

Battle for Wesnoth: Opensource, but a very good game

Have you seen anything like this before? This turn-based strategy game The Battle for Wesnoth costs absolutely nothing and yet it presents a story, gameplay and a variety that couldn't be more excellent. The challenging battles for the highest throne send you through picturesque villages, mountains, meadows and forests. The only thing that makes this beautiful spectacle become even more beautiful are these cheats: Now you will be able to move infinitely far and attack as often as you want. Have you seen anything like this before?
Game Profile
Publisher: GNU General Public License
Developer: The Battle of Wesnoth Project
Release Year: 2005
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Battle for Wesnoth Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Minimum 5.000 Gold
Stabilizes your fortune to minimum 5000!
Units can always attack
These two cheats allow you units to move unlimited resp. to always attack.
Fast level-up
If you activate this cheat, you'll have very fast level-ups.
These two cheats allow you units to move unlimited resp. to always attack.
Thanks to this cheat your units will become immortal.

Special Hint

Created by:
  • If not explained different within the description, the cheats work only for the human player.



The game offers several quests e.g. you can fight for the throne or suppress and destroy your opponents. The game world is divided into three different regions and Wesnoth is located in the heart of the world. On your travels you traverse among other villages, where your troops can rest, but also mountains, meadows and forests. In each area you will meet other creatures who want to be stopped.


Battle for Wesnoth is a free turn-based strategy game. You group typical for the genre an army consisting of several different and specialized units. Battle for Wesnoth includes 13 different races like humans, orcs, elves and undead with over 200 different units and you can sometimes even recruit your units from several races. For the optimal start offers you Battle for Wesnoth a tutorial campaign that explains you all the important aspects of the game. The existing campaigns in the game can be expanded because other campaigns can be downloaded for free. Next to the campaigns you can fight in skirmishes against the AI. The game also features a multiplayer mode for up to nine players. The game is constantly expanded and improved by the community. Therefore the game constantly receives new features and content. Although the graphics are a bit outdated does the game have its own charm.


We offer you for the free downloadable Battle for Wesnoth several very useful cheats in our MegaTrainer. So you can make you immortal and unlimited move and attack with the The Battle for Wesnoth Trainer. Also you can increase your gold and level up your units faster.


  • 13 different races with more than 200 units
  • Campaigns, scenarios and multiplayer mode
  • Constant improvements and extensions
  • Free open source game
  • Many different regions

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