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25.09.2018 • 9 Codes

The Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep: After over 30 years, the RPG saga has returned!

The 2018 released RPG-video-game Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep is a direct sequel to the Bard's Tale video games from the 1980s. Return to one of the best-known RPG series of all time, fight in turn-based battles, solve puzzles and find valuable treasures. The game is based on the Unreal Engine 4, making a gigantic leap forward in comparison to the games from the 1980s. Our 2018 MegaTrainer accompanies you on your adventure with exclusive balancing codes.
Game Profile
Publisher: inXile Entertainment
Developer: inXile Entertainment
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Bard's Tale IV - Barrows Deep Cheats



The video-game Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep plays 100 years after its 30-year-old successor Bard's Tale 3. Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep takes you back into the magical town of Skara Brae. 100 years later, the terrible events of Skara Brae's destruction are almost forgotten. While the evil has been waiting in the shadows for the right moment. The aggressive Order of Fatherites has taken control and is now pursuing and executing strangers in the city. Play as a warrior, magician, bard or crook, recruit more heroes to expand your team, fight your way through dark forests, dangerous dungeons and mysterious landscapes, and save Skara Brae from evil machinations!


Who was a fan of Legend of Grimrock or its successor Legend of Grimrock 2 will love Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep. After the Trilogy the developers come out with the long-awaited 4 part Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep. The game runs on the Unreal Engine 4 and enchants the player with a breathtaking game-world and exciting adventures. In the video-game Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep you can choose between 21 unique character classes each with different abilities. Recruit heroes who you can level and equip just like your character. In turn-based battles, you can use spell points, good tactics and combos to beat your opponents. As a reward, you get XP to level your character and some equipment. Solve puzzles, find treasure chests, discover mystical places, rare weapons, and mysterious powers! Free Skara Braes from the evil!


Welcome your newest hero member the Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep Trainer, who will help you with 9 Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep Cheats. With the money cheat you increase the amount of your gold by 500/1000/5000 and the level cheat increases your character level by +1. Our attack-points cheat allows you to make infinite attacks and with the spell-points cheat, you have infinite spell-points. The godmode saves you from dying, so you’ve nothing in your way while exploring the enchanting world of Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep.


  • 58 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • 350 characters (original soundtrack)
  • Building up a group of adventurers
  • Over 40 hours playing time
  • 100 atmospheric melodies
  • Gorgeous game world
  • Round based fights
  • Attention to detail
  • Solve puzzles


The long-awaited 4th part of the Bard's Tale series Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep was released by the developer and publisher inXile Entertainment, which are also known for the previous parts The Bard's Tale Trilogy or other games like Wasteland 2 - Director's Cut. The video-game Bard's Tale 4 - Barrows Deep was released on September 18, 2018, on Steam for Microsoft Windows.

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