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The Amazing Spider-Man - Lord of the Skies!

The Amazing Spider-Man deeply impresses its fans not only because it continues the story of the previous film. Granted: The Amazing Spider-Man tells a really exciting story, but the game has so much more to offer: While terrifying mutants, known as interspecific crosses, keeping all the people of Manhattan in suspense, the player jumps into the role of Spider-Man and thus receives all the super powers but also all the loads, corresponding to this burden.
Game Profile
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Beenox, Mercenary Technology, Gameloft
Release Year: 2012
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Amazing Spider-Man Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
+2.000 experiences
Using this Cheat, you can arbitrarily increase your experience level during pause-menu.
+100 tech-point
Increases the value of your tech-points. Using them, you can buy upgrades, which empower the abilities of Spider-Man!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
+1 ability-point
Increases your ability points but: They can't be higher as your actual level -1!!!

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  • All The Amazing Spider-Man cheats work for the human player only.



Any fan can experience how it feels to take on Spider-Mans powers and to swing from house to house, from skyscraper to skyscraper and from block to block. Whenever the player hits the enemies of Spider-Man, the fights quickly becomes rapid fireworks, staging pure action! Concerning The Amazing Spider-Man, all features of the superhero were carried to the extreme. But that also means that his reputation is drag through the mire by the press. Unless the player does something against it...
Unfortunately, the things you do to succeed in The Amazing Spider-Man are not very helpful to provide a proper reputation. The danger that you have to face, can only be coped with, by rescuing an old friend from the asylum - illicitly! It indeed involves The Lizard, actually the malicious scientist who once brought chaos and destruction upon the people of Manhattan. But unfortunately, it seems that only he, The Lizard is able to find an antidote that can put a stop to the so-called interspecific crosses. For the scientists of OSCORP. have carried on The Lizard’s research, which once turned himself into a horrific mutant. But they overstepped the mark, obviously! At least at that day, on which they have lost control of their species and numerous hybrids have escaped their prison. These beings are animals that have been transformed into monstrous beasts, by a terrible, genome-changing virus. The bad news: Bites and touches are highly contagious!


Of course, this is reason enough for Spider-Man to take on one of his suits and teach these beasts some manners! However, the campaign of The Amazing Spider-Man comes up with an additional motivation: Gwen, a good friend of Peter Parker, was also bitten and is about to turn into one of the ominous beings. For that reason alone you absolutely need Conners - alias The Lizard - help for better or worse. Especially since your enemies of the OSCORP. also send huge fighting robots against you. This fight will challenge you more than you think! The good thing about this is: Despite all the obligations, fighting is so much fun like ever before!
After a short encounter it is very clear that the developers of The Amazing Spider-Man have dedicated much time and patience to generate exclusive fighting-scenes. For Spider-Man actually fights like in the movies – not to say a bit better. As quick as a flash you swing through the rooms and over large areas. When you attack, you fire your web at a target, pull yourself near it and present one of your powerful combo attacks! It all happens so fast that your opponents do not realize what hit them and when. Once you have rendered any enemy hors de combat, a little splash of your web is enough and he sticks to the floor or head over to the wall. Fighting the great opponents, of course you have to act presto, in order to explore their vulnerabilities and attack them accordingly from ambush! Even larger enemy hordes are no problem at all, thanks to the grandiose combat system that the The Amazing Spider-Man stages. Thus you can always evade upcoming attacks very fast. Spider-Man quickly hides out, just to attack anew! In addition, you have got the ability to disarm your enemies, to pack him with your web and thus dash him around through the entire space. If you are able to grasp a huge container, by using your web power, it really makes fun to throw the mighty package into the midst of your enemies!
As it was said, the fights are even better than in the movies! And thanks to the innovative technology upgrades and special character enhancements, your options to fight in battle are almost unlimited! Anyway The Amazing Spider-Man knows no limits: Finally, you are Spider-Man, the Lord of the Skies!


Exactly. After all, this game features numerous character and technology upgrades! As it might be expected, our MegaTrainer surely has what it takes to improve your fighting techniques. Thanks to our Cheats, your Spider-Man receives any amount of experience and tech-points. You will urgently need especially the latter to upgrade your hero in a special way. Thus, you increase the elasticity, the power and range of your web or your web bursts. It goes without saying that this might be quite profitable during the fighting! In addition, the The Amazing Spider-Man Trainer procures the Godmode! Even Spider-Man is not almighty - at least not yet!


  • Authentic simulation of Spider-Man’s movements
  • Innovative technology- and character upgrades
  • Numerous references to the comics
  • Fascinating combination attacks
  • Intuitive controls
  • Captivating story

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