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The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Brilliant Action meets terrific Story-Telling!

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is the direct successor of The Amazing Spider-Man. As it is due to a worthy successor, the most spectacular game elements of the predecessor game were integrated anew. A fact that delighted its fans: For The Amazing Spider-Man 2 enhances its players to jump into the role of Spider-Man again and to swing through the sky of Manhattan from building to building. The developers have made profitable changes to both the movement of Spider-Man and his fighting skills.
Game Profile
Publisher: Activision
Developer: Square Enix, Activision, Gameloft
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Cheats

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Cheatname and Details
+5.000 experiences
Using this Cheat, you can arbitrarily increase your experience level during pause-menu.
+5.000 tech-point
Increases the value of your tech-points. Using them, you can buy upgrades, which empower the abilities of Spider-Man!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

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The controls reflect realistic physics and the battles seem even more intense. The magnificent second part is woven into an enchanting tale that involves numerous characters of the comics and many allusions to various film parts and the drawings. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 convinces its fans across the board, not just for being a grandiose action spectacle, but also for staging a terrific story that encourages to continue playing! Right at the beginning of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 you are living the role of Peter Parker and suddenly you have to witness the murder of Uncle Ben! Ever since that day Spider-Man has his first reason to take up the fight against the underworld of Manhattan. But certainly it won't be the last one. In the next scene you throw yourself through the streets in search of Uncle Ben's killer! The handling of the movements of Spider-Man comes off very well, speaking of The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Although it was designed a little bit more complex, it works much more realistic as it worked in the previous game The Amazing Spider-Man, because now you have to control your swinging from left to right all by yourself! After a short amount of time, you will discover the fun of it! Very soon you target and snap photos of your first suspect. Even though he does not seem to be a murderer, a short jump into the middle of crooks will be a good start to put your skills to the test. Let's see what Spider-Man can do and how he fights!


And indeed, after just a couple of hits, you'll realize that the combination attacks, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 offers, have reached the next stage. Evading enemies, jumping on to their shoulders and attacking them are not just easy to handle but also very nice to look at! Even against hordes of opponents Spider-Man swings back easily, evades skillfully and dashes one after another to the pieces. In this case, the superhero always reacts by talking cool: “This is everything, you've got”? He asks. “It seems I don't have to go the extra mile”, he snorts. He also sticks ailing enemies to the ground or even on the wall. This also happens with the first boss, whom you have to bring to his knees! Eventually, Spider-Man wants to ask him some questions, which you can choose from a list! And that's the way you swing and beat your hero through Manhattan until he finally catches up with the murderer of Uncle Ben!
But then Spider-Man has to suffer another rather nasty surprise. Your hero will gradually realize that there are even more malicious powers in Manhattan, which are eager to destroy him. This terror that strikes fear into the people of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, brings many familiar enemies from the Marvel universe into the arena! All this means for you no good at all: The bosses who stand in your way require larger caliber than the small crooks in Manhattan's streets. However, you can consider the struggles against the New York gangsters as good exercises for your hero. First, they help you maintain a good reputation. Because Jonah Jameson from the Daily Bugle won't hesitate for a second, if there is the slightest chance, to ruin your heroic reputation. Every time you ignore a crime of any kind, you’ll get the blame. In addition, the small skirmishes reward yourself with innovative bonuses for your Spider-Man suits!
In consideration of your real enemies, who have super powers themselves, any upgrade of your own abilities is very welcome, indeed. Besides your suits, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 stages numerous upgrades that increase your fighting skills a lot. This affects not only the strength, efficiency and stickiness of your webs! For Spider-Man will learn many unique combination attacks in the wake of the events that mainly consist of web-bursts, kicks and punches! First you disarm the attacker, then you grab him with your web and thus catapult him across the room. No matter how you do this: You are Spider-Man and you fight better than ever!


This is obvious for sure! Because nothing else provides you with all the necessary upgrades and bonuses as quickly as our MegaTrainer does! Thanks to our Cheats, Spider-Man can arbitrarily increase his experience and tech points. Thus you get all the great skills immediately, in order to enhance your web shots, spider-sense, web-accuracy and your web-power! As a result, Spider-Man shoots stronger and his web gets stickier. In addition, his spirit and his sense are increased by far. Moreover, he can throw heavy objects more easily and paralyze any of his victims. Finally, Spider-Man is much faster and can swing around higher and further! Now if you consider that the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trainer also features the Godmode, even the greatest sceptic becomes aware of the fact that fighting at its best is only possible by enabling the MegaTrainer!


  • Authentic simulation of the movement of Spider-Man
  • Colorful assortment of different Spider-Man suits
  • Well-known enemies from the Marvel Universe
  • Unique combination attack and techniques
  • Numerous references to the comics
  • Awesome upgrades for the fight
  • Thrilling story-telling

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