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Tales of Zestiria: Best RPG of the entire series

Tales of Zestiria is an extraordinary Japanese role-playing game. With its release of 2015 the developers of Namco Bandai Studios have already pushed the 15th part of this magnificent game series onto the market. Tales of Zestiria is particularly famous for its medieval fantasy world, its picturesque animations and its advanced combat system. By using the cheats of our Tales of Zestiria Trainers the dashing heroes of this brilliant RPG will not only be provided with the Godmode: Activate our MegaTrainer now and you'll play and fight like never before...
Game Profile
Publisher: Bandai Namco
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Tales of Zestiria Cheats

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Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This one isn't really a cheat but a function to prepare the game for other codes. For this reason, this "cheat" must be activated before you can use other cheats!
+1,000 Gald
These cheats will either increase your Gald, AP, SA, items und spirit chain or set an unlimited value!
+5 Maximum AP
These cheats will either increase your Gald, AP, SA, items und spirit chain or set an unlimited value!
Infinite SA
These cheats will either increase your Gald, AP, SA, items und spirit chain or set an unlimited value!
Infinite spirit chain
These cheats will either increase your Gald, AP, SA, items und spirit chain or set an unlimited value!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Infinite items
These cheats will either increase your Gald, AP, SA, items und spirit chain or set an unlimited value!

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  • All Tales of Zestiria cheats work for the human player only.


Story: War and peace

The events of the video game Tales of Zestiria take place on a fictional continent called Glenwood. This unique story is not comparable to any other games! The elaborately animated medieval fantasy world is deeply divided due to two competing factions: On one side there is the Kingdom of Hyland that is distinguished by its constitutional monarchy. On the other side stands the autocratic Empire of Rolance. The eternal struggle between these ideologies tend to result in the formation of many guilds that seek to profit from these disputes. The Opinions about the ways and means go apart. While the members of the one guild are efficient businessmen by carrying on lucrative trades, the comrades of another guild might earn their money as contract killers.
Death is ubiquitous in this adventure. The negative emotions of the residents of Glenwood, also called the Malevolence, cause horrible transformations. The living, the dead and even lifeless objects are transformed into hideous monster. The residents of Glenwood want the Seraphim to help. These are supernatural creatures with incredible abilities. The interface between the Seraphim and the people are the so-called Shepherds. Your hero in Tales of Zestiria, called Sorey, is such a Shepherd. Thus you will have to manage some pretty damn tasks. Sorey wants to achieve peace for the whole country, end the ideological war and conjure up a new era in which the Seraphim and the humans will live in harmony...

Gameplay: Unique Linear Motion Battle System

Unlike all prequel games, for the first time Tales of Zestiria plays in an open world. The conversations and dialogues between your characters run either dramatic or funny. The player has to accomplish a number of different tasks. He cuts through minor obstacles with his sword, shatters larger objects apart, shields himself from the eyes of his enemies, illuminates special lights in dark dungeons and teleports himself and his companions over holes in the ground. All your sidekicks will come up with individual and unique abilities that come into play especially while the battles are fought. The so-called Linear Motion Battle System puts the combat systems of all comparable games in the shade. The skills of your hero can even interact with the topography of his surroundings. The options during battle are incredibly enriched by the innovative special skills of your Shepherds...

Tales of Zestiria Trainer: The fights will reach another level!

Our MegaTrainer provides you with more than just tips for gaming! This article supplies you with an overview of our unique codes. After extensive tests we present you the following Tales of Zestiria cheats: First, you will receive any amount of money and all items that this video game has to offer. Then you get the maximum number of action points, thus you influence all battles the way you want. If that should not be sufficient, you may activate the Godmode as well. This will make your hero immortal. Any questions? Good! Because here comes ultimate news flash: By using the Tales of Zestiria Trainer the battles will reach another level. Don't play games anymore: Just experience another level of fun with our Trainer!


  • No release for Xbox (Xbox One, Xbox 360), Wii (Wii U, Wii Mini) and PlayStation Vita
  • Release of 2015 exclusively for PlayStation (PS3, PS4) and Micrsoft Windows
  • A number of articles, news, videos, screenshots, tests and tips online
  • Fulminate role-playing-game with far-reaching opportunities
  • Action-intensive Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS)
  • Positive reviews not only in Japanese articles and tests
  • Best RPG of Namco Bandai Entertainment in 2015
  • Not comparable to other games of the genre
  • Ingenious achievements and great trophies
  • Picturesque animations

Trivia: Graphics, news and videos

If you like to receive further information about our Trainer, then we like you to visit us on Facebook. We haven't posted any videos, but at least several news for this video game and some great screenshots that might provide you a better understanding of our codes. Speaking of that: All reviews, tests and test-videos that can be found for Tales of Zestiria praise nothing more than the groundbreaking graphics that make all games of the genre appear gray and pale. No wonder that even a whole Anime film was produced to help promote this adventure. Soon even an Anime television series will be launched. The videos, news and trailers that can be seen so far suggest it to become such a great spectacle like the game itself!

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