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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Superfrog HD: Save the princess

Superfrog HD is an updated version of the classic 2D platform game. Superfrog HD has been updated with improved HD graphics in comic style. For those who want to rise to the well-known challenge, the original maps are also included. Launching Superfrog HD, Team 17 throws an impressive new edition on the market.
Game Profile
Publisher: Team17 Digital Ltd
Developer: Team17 Digital Ltd
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Superfrog HD Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite lifes
By this cheat you'll get infinite lifes, so don't worry when you die.
With the godmode you'll be invulnerable e.g. by opponents. But scripted deaths like from spikes will still kill you.
With help of the ghostmode you can easily run through opponents without getting stopped or damaged.
Freeze time
If you like to have unlimited time for a level, this cheat is exactly what you want.

Special Hint

Created by:



The green hero sprints through 24 great designed levels. In each level you have to collect a certain amount of coins and reach the exit quickly.


However, the ultimate goal is to save the world and defeat the evil witch. This one has kidnapped your future bride and turned you into a frog. Through a mysterious potion you have become a frog prince with fantastic powers.


If you want to meet your princess as a real prince - and not as a frog! -, our MegaTrainer will certainly provide good services. Our cheats give you all necessary gimmicks at hand. You need these to flit through the levels unharmed and to finish the witch off once and for all. Seize the Godmode to keep your life energy up to the maximum. If you will die, despite enabling Godmode, just cheat infinite life. In case you run out of time, you can stop the march of time. Also use the stealth mode. By enabling it, you can just run through your opponents. The Superfrog HD Trainer supplies you unblemished. Now you are going to defeat the witch, put on human shape again and save your princess. What a fairy tale?


  • Jump through 24 new levels, based on the original design
  • Play the mix of a classic Arcade Game and Jump'N'Run
  • Wander through six completely different worlds
  • Experience the new HD graphics
  • Master new tricky Frog-Tests

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