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04.04.2019 • 13 Codes

Sunless Skies: A gothic horror-role-playing game!

Sunless Skies like its 2015 predecessor Sunless Sea was developed by Failbetter Games. Take control of the flying steam-powered locomotive and explore a unique but dangerous universe. Learn more about your captain and crew through narrative leveling. Our 2019 MegaTrainer is on board as well and supports you with Cheats, Trainer, and Premium-Training-Codes.
Game Profile
Publisher: Failbetter Games
Developer: Failbetter Games
Release Year: 2019
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Sunless Skies Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other codes won't work properly!
Num 1
Movement speed: Default
Allows you to modify the movement- and attack speed.
Num 2
Movement speed: Fast
Allows you to modify the movement- and attack speed.
Num 3
Movement speed: Very Fast
Allows you to modify the movement- and attack speed.
Movement speed: Slow
Allows you to modify the movement- and attack speed.
No Heat Generation
Your vehicle's heat generation is set to 0!
+1,000 XP
Each time you activate this cheat, your experience-points will be increased by the given value.
No Supplies Consumption
Provides you with unlimited food!
No Fuel Consumption
Your vehicle gets unlimited fuel!
Easy Kills
This cheat is a so called one-hit-kill cheat which allows you to kill each opponent with only one hit.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
Terror Won't Increase
Sets back to zero the values of hunger and terror!
Keep in mind the Cheat preparation!!
Enable Debug Menu (F12)
Enables the game's debug-menu, press F12 after activating the cheat!

Special Hint

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The video-game Sunless Skies takes place in a dark setting. Victorian London was rebuilt at the beginning of the 19th century beyond the clouds in space, where the laws of physics as we know them do not exist. Queen Victoria, who now reigns from the Throne of Hours, has full control over time and the Sun has long since extinguished, which is why an artificial star was created to illuminate the new London. In this world, you play a captain who travels around the stars with his crew and his space locomotive. Will you join Her Majesty or will you support the working class? No matter how you decide in the video-game Sunless Skies, your way, on which you will not only meet people, will not be an easy one.


The adventure-RPG-video-game Sunless Skies is played in top-down-perspective. The story is told through leveling up. To explore the four large areas you have a flying locomotive at your disposal. It does not depend on rails, but can be controlled freely. To control the locomotive you need resources and a capable crew. Recruit crew members and officers who have different background stories. In the video-game Sunless Skies you don't just play only one captain, but slip into the role of a new one as soon as the previous one dies. However, the decisions you make with one captain influence the game world for the following ones.


Our 13 helpful Sunless Skies Cheats from our handmade Sunless Skies Trainer protect you on your journey through space. To pimp, your locomotive, use our No Heat Generation, No Resource Consumption and No Fuel Consumption Cheats. Our Movement Speed Cheats let you jet through the universe at the speed of light and with our Terror Won't Increase Cheat you always keep a cool head. Our XP Cheat provides you with 1,000 extra experience points and with our Godmode and Easy Kills Cheat you will become invincible!


  • Recruit officers with different backgrounds and personalities
  • Unique, gloomy game-world and graphics
  • Manage your resources and your crew
  • Fight monsters and other spaceships
  • 31 unlockable Steam-Achievements
  • Control a flying locomotive
  • Explore 4 huge regions
  • Deep Story


Failbetter Games is an indie-developer-studio founded in 2009 with headquarters in London. In 2015 the team released their first big project Sunless Sea and four years later, on 31 January 2019, its successor Sunless Skies, which was first announced at the EGX 2016. The two video-games are set in the same universe and the story also complements each other, but according to the developer, you don't have to have played the predecessor to enjoy Sunless Skies. The game was funded through Kickstarter in 2017, where a sum of £100,000 was raised. The adventure-role-playing-game was developed with the Unity Engine and released for Windows PC, MAC OS X and Linux.

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