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Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut: Revolutionary Warfare in the Vastness of the Universe!

Game Profile
Publisher: Born Ready Games
Developer: Born Ready Games Ltd.
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut Cheats

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Infinite thrusters
These Cheats provide your space ship/battle robot with unlimited energie, thrusters, rockets and ammo.
Infinite ammo
These Cheats provide your space ship/battle robot with unlimited energie, thrusters, rockets and ammo.
Infinite energy
These Cheats provide your space ship/battle robot with unlimited energie, thrusters, rockets and ammo.
Infinite rockets
These Cheats provide your space ship/battle robot with unlimited energie, thrusters, rockets and ammo.
Infinite flux
This Cheat provide your battle robot with unlimited flux.
This will provide your robot with unlimited fighting power.
Activate this cheat to become immortal in the game.

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You imagine yourself as being part of the action, each time you take up the fight against your enemies and beat the crap out of them in extremely fast and impulsive space battles. Not least because the battles of Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut feature a gigantic, yet almost epic extent. But who is the enemy? Mmmhh... This is a little tricky! The events of Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut take place in the year 2299. . In the two centuries before, the inhabitants of the earth have managed to penetrate deeper into outer space and thus building extra-terrestrial colonies. While this spreading into space occurred, new resources and innovative technologies have been made accessible to the human race! Sooner or later it had to come to blows, ever since the remaining inhabitants of the earth still claimed predominance over all colonies, including their riches! War was inevitable! Like the Americans have rebelled against their mother country England, the colonists began to renegade against the Earthlings. That took fatal consequences! Because of their superior technology, the colonists almost entirely destroyed the earth. Only a few survivors are now about to resist them with all they’ve got... That's exactly the point, at which you are about to enter the events of Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut. The last large-scale offensive is the last hope to rescue the earth of the attacking colonists. And you're the only man for this job! Now it is time to step into your nimble cruiser and show your enemies, what it means to mess around with your home planet!


Your initial arsenal sure is nothing to sneeze at! While you are flying through the vastness of the universe - of course you move completely free in 3D perspective -, you shoot off your opponents, by using your small plasma gun or by utilizing your light machine gun. Later, of course, you will get much bigger pieces! In addition, your warship is equipped with fighter missiles and unguided rockets. Enabling the fighter class, you have to consider that it is a short-range missile. The second type contains no homing system and must be fired manually. The advantage: If you land a hit, the enemy is history! And yet all of your manoeuvres can’t keep up with your mighty Strike Suit. This modified combat robot, which you will receive after the first mission, revolutionizes the warfare in Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut. As long as you stay in Tracking Mode, you can chase your enemies much faster! Then you transform your space ship, by enabling Strike Mode and your Suit appears immediately! The Strike Suit is not only much more mobile, but it causes a much stronger impact. This opens up completely new perspectives, while fighting during space battles. Wearing your combat suit, you even can hunt down colossal destroyer ships. You simply fly around them, elude their strikes, find out their blind spots and then bring them to their knees! Ever since the Strike Suit is very agile, avoiding damage should be no problem at all. But your battle suit even gives more pleasure by striking with torpedoes at any time. In case you have time, you even can prepare a loaded attack and shoot out several rockets at once! But of course, everything costs energy! Therefore, you must fire efficiently and use it sparingly! But if you have mastered one mission after another, you will upgrade the shield, the energy, the power, the weapons and the Strike Mode of your battle suit. In addition, Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut gets much credits for providing a wide range of different missions. Everything in here is just fine: Graphics, sound, mission design, ship models and of course the warfare! Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut sets new standards and revolutionizes the war outa space!


Let's be honest: The energetic restrictions of this game are a real pain in the neck, especially if you want to hunt down thousands of enemy ships outa space. Therefore our Cheats provide you with infinite ammo, rockets, thrusters and energy. In addition, the MegaTrainer grants you the Godmode, thus you'll be invincible. And this brings us to the special: The Strike Suit Zero - Director's Cut Trainer offers you an infinite amount of flux. This is exactly that energy, your battle suit needs, in order to land one severe attack after another. Thanks to this application you can shoot as many torpedoes as you want! What a brilliant firework! That's exactly what bucks up your Strike Suit, indeed!


  • Extensive upgrades for the ship and suit
  • Great arsenal of weapons
  • Revolutionary warfare in space
  • Colourful mission design
  • Total freedom of movement
  • Innovative Strike Mode
  • Polyphonic soundtrack
  • Wonderful graphics
  • Motivating story

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