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04.10.2018 • 11 Codes

Stormworks - Build and Rescue: Let your inner hero run free!

In Stormworks - Build and Rescue, which is a 2018 simulation-video-game, everything revolves around rescue missions on the high seas. Design and create your own world and go on rescue missions with your helicopter. In addition to the 'Creative Mode', the video-game also features a classic campaign in which our 2018 MegaTrainer accompanies you on every mission with exclusive Balancing-Codes.
Game Profile
Publisher: Green Man Gaming Publishing
Developer: Sunfire Software
Release Year: 2018
Game Modes: Singleplayer , ,

Stormworks - Build and Rescue Cheats



Anyone who was a fan of Ship Simulator: Maritime Search and Rescue will love the video-game Stormworks - Build and Rescue. Design, create and control your own sea-rescue service. You start with your own little search and rescue service. Play numerous missions such as rescuing survivors from the water, fighting a fire, repairing oil platforms, controlling machines in nuclear power stations and much more. Completing missions gives you money and components that you can use to expand your construction area. Your goal is to span the entire map of the world from Stormworks - Build and Rescue with your rescue service. Explore new locations and unlock different components in career mode so you can experiment with them in creative mode later. Expand your sea rescue service and protect people from the dangers of the high seas.


The video-game Stormworks - Build and Rescue gives you a lot of freedom when designing the game. On the one hand, you can create your own missions, plan rescue operations and on the other hand, you can create and program your own vehicles. You have the choice between rescue helicopters, rescue boats and rescue submarines, which you must adapt differently for each mission. You can program the behavior of your custom-built vehicles using a powerful logic system. The video-game Stormworks - Build and Rescue offers you an ocean of over 15000 square kilometers to discover. The day-night cycle and the dynamic weather system can make this difficult. You can set off on a beautiful and quiet morning and end up in a stormy night or even a tsunami. The difficulty can also be set in Stormworks - Build and Rescue. A higher difficulty level can lead to fire damage, hypothermia of the player, mechanical damage to the vehicle, water pressure damage or even the emergence of sharks. Lots of challenges waiting for you and your sea-rescue service.


The high seas always bring dangers with them. Be it a storm, a fire or an accident. In the video-game Stormworks - Build and Rescue it is up to you to protect people from these dangers. Your team will be supported by the faithful sailor Stormworks - Build and Rescue Trainer who will assist you with 3 helpful Stormworks - Build and Rescue Cheats. To build big buildings, vehicles and ships you need a lot of money, our money cheat provides you with +5000/50000 money. With the money, you should be able to buy the right equipment to get to any location in time.


  • Create your own vehicles
  • Different game modes
  • difficulty options
  • Great Physics
  • base building
  • early access
  • open world


The video-game Stormworks - Build and Rescue is a simulation-rescue-game on the high seas and was released on February 28, 2018. The video-game was developed by the British video-game-developer Sunfire Software Limited and published by the British publisher Green Man Gaming Publishing. Stormworks - Build and Rescue was released on Steam in Early Access and is available for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

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