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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Stock Car Extreme: The race simulation for your PC!

The mere evolution of Stock Car Extreme is worth a mention: The developers of this grandiose simulation picked up the ingenious support of real drivers and teams. Thus they quickly made Stock Car Extreme become the most prestigious racing simulation worldwide.
Game Profile
Publisher: Reiza Studios
Developer: Reiza Studios
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Stock Car Extreme Cheats

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Opponent max 3rd gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!
Opponent max 2nd gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!
Opponent max 1st gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!
Opponent no gear
These cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will!

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Stock Car Extreme presents a wide variety of racing disciplines that include vehicles of all types: Mini-models, Formula 1 cars, go-carts, etc.. The owners of Stock Car Extreme can really look forward to the regular upgrades that successively complement this unique racing simulation and make it become even more realistic than it already is… The many different disciplines like Formula 3 or the many mini-challenges provide Stock Car Extreme with a great variety and a lot of fun. The control works smoothly. The commands are implemented one to one. Thus Stock Car Extreme produces a very authentic driving experience that makes you imagine yourself to be directly behind the wheel. This feeling gets even stronger if you switch into the cockpit perspective. Now you are really sitting behind the wheel: Each steering, each braking, each acceleration feels so real that you never want to leave this unique simulation ever again. The gorgeous graphics do the rest and so you rush through the various race tracks full of joy and ecstasy. The authentic sound with its explosive effects and realistic noises heats up this special atmosphere even more


The game gets particularly atmospheric during the Stock Car Championship in Brazil, although this brilliant competition has anything but mainstream fame. After all this charming race format assembles many famous ex-Formula 1 drivers. Rubens Barrichello-a former team-mate of Schumacher-,Ricardo Zonta and Luciano Burti are likely the best known among them. Even though the vehicles are called stock cars they are based more on touring cars as you can see them in the V8 Supercar. The races run incredibly fast and are very difficult to master. Overtaking is indeed difficult but doable. This racing discipline is certainly one of the most serious of Stock Car Extreme. But that's the nice thing: The claim is high and you can really put your driving skills to the test! But there are much more cars and racing disciplines that are sometimes driven by karts, minis, classic stock cars or F1-like vehicles that represented the 70s, 80s and 90s. In terms of race tracks Stock Car Extreme also provides its players with a lot of variety! The focus lays on South American tracks: The courses of Interlagos, Buenos Aires and Jacarepaguá are the better known among them. But even European routes such as the Formula 1 course of Montreal are on the list of the versatile offer of this game. Nevertheless, Stock Car Extreme clearly lays the focus on presenting its players the most authentic racing simulation with the highest degree of realism possible. The fact that this grandiose game succeeds with that and still offers so much variety at the same time can only be answered with a hurricane of applause. Stock Car Extreme is propably the best racing simulation for your PC!


Even a good meal can be made even better if you add exotic spices. That is no different with computer games. Our MegaTrainer is a very exotic spice that makes this ultimate racing simulation even better. Our unique Stock Car Extreme cheats empower you to manipulate the gears of your opponents at will. If you want them to your competitors will only drive in the third, second and first gear, or they won't drive at all! Now even the Stock Car Championship in Brazil shouldn't be a problem any longer. As was mentioned above: The Stock Car Extreme Trainer is that little extra for your racing simulation! Use it and cross the finish line first-all the time!


  • Types of vehicles of any kind: Mini, Formula 1, go-karts, etc.
  • Developed with the support of real teams and drivers
  • Regular upgrades for more realism and accuracy
  • Most honorable racing simulation for the PC
  • Pronounced authentic driving experience
  • Varied racetracks and challenges
  • Rapid Stock Car V8 in Brazil
  • Variety of racing disciplines
  • Gorgeous graphics

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