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23.06.2019 • 3 Codes
Game Profile
Developer: Eugen Systems
Release Year: 2019
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Steel Division 2 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Freeze mission timer
Freezes the mission timer!
Minimum 5.000 requisition (on buy)
Increases the mentioned points according to the displayed value.

Special Hint

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  • After the AI has placed its units in the formation phase (wait 20 to 30 seconds), you can use the Requisitions Points and Infinite Units Cheat. Before starting the battle, the cheats have to be disabled to avoid effects on the AI.


Steel Division 2 - From Normandy to the Eastern Front!

Despite a developer strike at Eugen Systems in 2018, the video-game Steel Division 2 made it onto the market in 2019. In the successor of Steel Division: Normandy 44 you go on the offensive at the Eastern Front. Choose a side in World War II and lead your army through the besieged Belarus. The Cheats and Balancing-Codes from our exclusive 2019 MegaTrainer are always on your side!


The video-game Steel Division 2 is set in 1944, shortly after Operation Overlord in Normandy, which the predecessor Steel Division - Normandy 44 was about. The game focuses on Operation Bagration, the Soviet offensive against the Third Reich which invaded Belarus. In the video-game Steel Division 2 you slip into the role of a colonel of the Axis powers or the Red Army and go to the Eastern front, where you have to lead your troops to victory.


In the video-game Steel Division 2 there are three game-modes: single-player, co-op and online-multiplayer. There are 25 different maps for each mode, each measuring 150 x 100km. The two multiplayer-modes allow you to fight in large 10 vs. 10 battles. In the video-game Steel Division 2you take control of several battalions with thousands of soldiers and lead them across the battlefield. In total there are more than 600 units and authentic, detailed war machines. A mission in the video-game Steel Division 2 can last up to several in-game weeks. The game-play is turn-based, with half a day for each round.


  • Lead your army through Operation Bagration
  • Round-based, dynamic strategy-combat
  • Fights in battles of the 2nd World War
  • Online-multiplayer-mode
  • Single-player-campaign
  • Over 600 units
  • Co-op mode
  • 25 maps


The video-game Steel Division 2 was developed and published by the French video-game-developer and publisher Eugen Systems. The game was released on May 2, 2019, but the release was delayed due to a developer strike in early 2018. Steel Division 2 is the successor of Steel Division - Normandy 44 released in 2017 and is also a real-time-strategy-game. The second part is also only available for Microsoft Windows.

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