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28.02.2018 • 6 Codes

Stationeers: Build your own space station!

The indie-simulation-video-game Stationeers was released in 2017 and is all about construction and managing your own space station. In this realistic simulation, you have to watch out for thousand things at the same time. Space is a dangerous place! If you want to customize and your gaming experience and avoid frustration, our 2018 MegaTrainer is what you are looking for!
Game Profile
Publisher: RocketWerkz
Developer: RocketWerkz
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer , ,

Stationeers Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
99 stackable items
For this cheat you have to hold the desired stackable item (e. g. wires) in one hand and have the submenu for splitting open. The cheat increases the item to 99, but you won't see the effect until you split/throw away one of them!
Never hungry
With this cheat activated your character is no longer hungry!
Waste Tank doesn't increase
Your Waste-Tank will never be full!
Air Tank doesn't decrease
Provides you with unlimited oxygen!
Infinite jetpack tank
Gives you unlimited fuel for your Jetpack!
Always full batteries
Instantly replenishes your inventory with batteries!

Special Hint

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The video-game Stationeers is the latest title developed by game-maker Dean Hall. The former elite soldier is well known in the gaming sector for the creation of Day Z. Hall pretty much developed Day Z on his own as a Tech-Demo for Arma 2. The video-game Day Z has been in Steam Early Access for years now. Hall already left the project at the end of 2014. His new game Stationeers has pretty much nothing in common with the survival-game Day Z, besides the survival aspect. The indie-game Stationeers is a challenging simulation in which you have to build complex space stations and systems. Fluctuations in temperature, water, and Fire, as well as air pressure, can have devastating effects on your station. Gravity also plays a decisive role in the video-game Stationeers, as you would expect from a decent sci-fi game.


The video-game Stationeers can be played either in single player alone or in multiplayer with your mates. One of your most important allies in the game is science. In the beginning, it's all about survival, but during the course of the game, you have to decide where and how the power for your space station has to be produced. The game always wants you to create the most efficient systems, since even the smallest mistake in space can be fatal. Your systems can be built on distant alien planets or in asteroid fields. In addition to science, gathering resources is also an essential factor in the gameplay of Stationeers.


The world in Stationeers doesn't allow any mistakes. Oxygen is one of the most important resources in space. To make sure that you do not get frustrated with such a complex game we have some helpful Stationeers Cheats in our Stationeers Trainer. With our infinite oxygen cheat you don't have to worry about the length of your expeditions anymore. Even your waste-tank will never be full again thanks to our codes. With our trainers, you can customize game’s gameplay to suit your needs, making frustration a thing of the past!


  • Single and multiplayer modes
  • Build your own space station
  • Inspired by Space Station 13
  • Complex space simulation
  • Deformable game-world
  • Steam Achievements


The video game Stationeers Cheats has been in Steam Early Access since September 2017. The developers assume that it will take at least 12 months for the game to leave early access status. Together with the community, the game is getting better with each released patch, getting rid of bugs and adding new features.

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