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Spintires - Offroad Truck Simulator: Bog down!

The award-winning Off-Road Truck Simulator Spintires certainly lives up to his name. The word street exhausts the vocabulary of Spintires... Instead there are furrowed slopes, torrential rivers, impenetrable forests and a lot of mud. You have the choice of several former Soviet vehicles to put your skills and your endurance to the test.
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Publisher: Oovee Game Studios
Developer: Oovee Game Studios
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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The UAZ-469 can be considered as a normal jeep or truck, while the MAZ-537 or its successor the MAZ-543, in earlier times, were tank transporters and missile carriers. Now they guarantee the accomplishment of your missions, since only these giants can cope with the most impenetrable parts of this special terrain. Eventually, you have to pick up and deliver wood, while you discover new vehicles, service stations and repair shops. By demonstrating all your driving skills, you navigate your vehicle through trenches, around rocks and trees and deal with brutal climbs. One can only hope that you do not have to drag yourself out of the mud!


The special attraction of Spintires lies exceptionally not in the achievement of top speeds, but quite the opposite: Due to the conditions of the terrain, the driving experience in Spintires is very leisurely, yet still incredibly nerve-wracking. Spintires thus provides a compelling simulation, which includes a very fine graphic implementation, and guarantees long-lasting fun.


Thanks to the Cheats of our MegaTrainer, you do not have to care any more in what sort of mess your vehicle will be drawn. Just get infinite fuel and the fuel gauge will not move a single bit. Activate the god mode for your cart and your truck can not be destroyed, no matter what. Come what may come, the Spintires Trainer certainly sorts out the mess again!


  • Diverse missions, many vehicles and various equipment
  • Impressive animations of the natural environment
  • Innovative Interactive Terrain Response-System
  • Gigantic, free in-game World
  • Varied multi-player mode
  • Epoch-making graphic engine
  • Unique off-road simulation
  • Nice day and night cycles
  • Bombastic Sound

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