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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Spelunky: An adventure that becomes a talking point!

The video game Spelunky from the small indie studio Mossmouth is a classic action-adventure and platformer in 2D graphics! Now is the time to lead this adventure into new dimensions! Seize the help of the MegaTrainer and you'll get an infinite number of bombs, ropes and gold. This much is clear: Whoever can afford all upgrades and weapons right away will experience the adventure of his life!
Game Profile
Publisher: Mossmouth
Developer: Mossmouth
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Spelunky Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite gold
Each time you activate one of these cheats your current amount of gold will be increased by the shown value.
Infinite ropes
Thereby you will have as much ropes, bombs or lives as you possibly want!
Infinite bombs
Thereby you will have as much ropes, bombs or lives as you possibly want!
Infinite lives
Thereby you will have as much ropes, bombs or lives as you possibly want!

Special Hint

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  • All cheats work for the human player only.



The setting of this unique adventure is just fantastic. The many videos and reviews online offer a colorful impression. The most striking news about the background of this spectacle are something like this: You just play the role of a nameless adventurer. The protagonist has devoted his life to digging deep into the earth to search for unimaginable riches. The branched tunnels in the deep underground are full of enemies, daring adventures and dangerous traps that your hero has to overcome. But your adventurer knows how to fight back: He jumps, shoots and blows powerful strikes with his whip.


Although the indie hit Spelunky is not a video game in 3D but a classic platformer in 2D, some game mechanics are indeed very similar to those of top LEGO games like LEGO Star Wars - The Complete Saga or LEGO Star Wars 3 - The Clone Wars! This impression gets particularly true by the fact that this game features an incredible number of items that you can use against your enemies. By the use of various items in this game you can attack opponents or just overcome sneaky traps! Aren't that great news? But it gets even better: The indie hit Spelunky calls so many enemies onto the scene that the picturesque game world sometimes is literally modified into the purest battlefront! Latest, when you are exposed to a proverbial battefront you will absolutely have to use your bombs. In some hairy situations you may have a jet-pack that allows you to quickly escape from the scene of action. In some other situations your ropes might help as well. In addition, this adventure offers a great arsenal of firearms that you can purchase with your earned gold at any time. Nevertheless, this adventure remains broadly a fast-moving platformer spectacle that challenges both your skills and your precision. One thing is certain: Things get fired up down at the battlefront!


Our brand-new MegaTrainer is the best guide in all virtual situations! This guide immediately provides you with an infinite amount of gold. You will need the gold urgently to acquire all upgrades and weapons for your hero immediately. Our other Spelunky cheats offer you infinite lives, ropes and even bombs! Now you can really fire up your enemies down in the black depths! This guide makes it possible: Our brand-new Spelunky Trainer is and remains the optimal cave guide at all black depths! Now you will experience the adventure of your life!



Between 2008 and 2015 this brilliant video game Spelunky is launched exclusively for Windows, PS4, PS3, Vita, Xbox 360, and Chrome OS. Until the end of 2015 there was no implementation of the video games for the following consoles: Xbox One, Nintendo (Wii, Wii U, Wii Mini) or Nintendo 3DS! But this does no harm to the ingenuity of this unique platformer! Granted: Spelunky may not be as great and gigantic as Fallout 4! It is a very simple video game designed with simple functions for PS4, 360 and PC! However, even if it can't keep up with the complexity of brand-new games like Fallout 4, nevertheless this adventure provides an immense amount of joy and excitement. Fallout 4 aside: This adventure has become a true talking point!

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