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Space Hulk - Turn-based tactical Combats between Mechs and Aliens

The brilliant history of Space Hulk is embedded in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, in which other high-profile games such as Warhammer 40.000 - Dawn of War take place. However, Space Hulk for itself is very unique, because a similar game shone in the night sky of turn-based strategy game over 17 years ago. Now the time has come and Space Hulk shines again.
Game Profile
Publisher: Full Control
Developer: Full Control
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Space Hulk Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo
With this cheat your ammo won't be decreased anymore.
Infinite attack-points
Empowers you to attack many times.
Beware: This Cheat only comes into effect, after you've attacked the enemy at least one time.
Infinite command-points
Empowers you to move arbitrarily far.
Beware: This Cheat only comes into effect, after you've moved your soldier at least one time.

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The turn-based battles are fought between insidious aliens and transformers. The latter ones consist of soldiers who are stuck in titanic battle suits, also called mechs! Like the game 17 years ago, the new Space Hulk provides a unique strategy adventure that certainly can be measured by today's standards! The strategically challenging battles take place in various spaceships. It is always important to defend a small group of very well equipped mercenaries against insidious aliens, superior in number. Thus doors must be opened, new ways have to be found and several goals have to be eliminated. Whenever enemies are near, you should make sure that your terminators will look towards the right direction. You can only fire at something, you are able to see! If your mech then fires his storm bolter or his assault cannon, it will cost you one attacking point. Firing the large flamethrower you have to pay two points. That shows you that you always have to think twice before sending your Space Hulk terminators into senseless battles...


And truely, a victorious battle depends not only on your tactics. It does not matter if a symbiont or a terminator runs the attack, since there is always a dice who decides the outcome. The roll result appears at the bottom of your screen and it decides whether the attack is followed by an impact or not! In case of a draw, both remain intact. However, the number of dices rolled, depends on your terminator. So Space Hulk does not leave the decision only to your good luck! In addition, the heavy flamethrower can not only be used to burn down the attacking symbionts, but it also helps to block several paths. The flames burn so hot, they stay for a longer time. But beware: If you have once put a hallway or a crossroad on fire, then you can’t pass it either. But at best, this only affects your enemies and you have got free rein - at least for one round. But keep in mind, that the flamethrower’s ammo is limited and it can’t be used against doors or together with the function move and fire. Therefore it is of great importance that you never lose sight of your mission. For example: When it comes to locate an old control room and there suddenly appear numerous hostile aliens, then staying together has the highest priority! All your men should always break through together. The tactics of the aliens is to cut off individual soldiers from their team. And being alone, even the mightiest mech stands no chance against a horde of aliens, since their claws and teeth even break through the strongest armour! But not for nothing Space Hulk introduces two experienced commanders that will manage the game somehow: Sergeant Lorenzo and Sergeant Gideon! The Terminator Sergeants are extremely experienced combat veterans and very trained to give orders! Therefore, it is only logical that the Sergeants are allowed to add one point to their roll results. And as long as a sergeant stays in command of your company, the commando-points may be re-rolled. The commando-points are essential for advancing through the game. It is especially this variety of nuances and possibilities that makes Space Hulk so popular by its fans: This strategy adventure has more to offer as one might think!


There are a few things that are damaging your freedom concerning Space Hulk. The attack-points, the commando-points and your ammunition are highly restricted. All three values are in fact very limited. But our Space Hulk Trainer would not be the MegaTrainer, if he could not break these chains. Therefore, our Cheats provide you with infinite attack-points, commando-points and enough ammunition. Even the heavy flamethrower can now be used without any restrictions! In addition, your mechs may move arbitrarily far and shoot as often as you like. Thanks to the tactical freedom that you enjoy now, the aliens are almost history!


  • Parallels to the Warhammer 40,000 universe
  • Several options to land an attack
  • A variety of strategic options
  • Myriads of different missions
  • Unique transformer
  • Fulminant history
  • Super graphics

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