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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Space Hulk Ascension: You are taking command!

Even the strong armour of your terminators does not withstand the sharp claws and teeth of the lurid symbionts. For this reason alone, speaking of Space Hulk Ascension, a successful gameplay stands or falls with your individual tactics. The aliens will always be superior in number, but you have plenty of destructive weapons that may fire their lethal projectiles over long distances.
Game Profile
Publisher: Full Control
Developer: Cyanide Studio, Streum On Studio
Release Year: 2014
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Space Hulk Ascension Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Infinite ammo / No reload
Activate only after the first shooting!!
Beware: Dynamic game, activation may take some time! The several Cheats can only be activated, after the according function was affected at least one time!
100% Hitchance
To activate the 100% hitchance: First target at least one enemy, then enable the cheat!
Infinite AP
Activate the AP-Ccheat only if the AP have been used at least once!
Infinite PSI
Enable the PSI-cheat only after the PSI have been used at least once!!

Special Hint

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  • Space Hulk Ascension is a full dynamical game which creates game functions at runtime if needed. For this reason cheats of the Space Hulk Ascension trainer can only be activated after the game already used these functions at least one time. In addition the first activation of each cheats may need a few seconds. Please read and follow our cheat-descriptions to correctly use our trainer!



Space Hulk Ascension really is an extravagant turn-based strategy game that reinterprets, like its predecessor Space Hulk, a board game classics and transfers it to your PC. The unique single-player experience of Space Hulk Ascension is intensified through numerous improvements and changes. Innovative RPG-style mechanics, brand new weapons, varied missions, several enemy types, three different campaigns and many more exciting features do not only breathe new life into the gameplay, but they supply this genuine strategy game with a special charm. There simply are very few comparable games! The turn-based battles are usually fought in dark corridors in various gloomy spaceships. The player takes command of a fearless squad consisting of Space Marine Terminators. In each level Space Hulk Ascension stages a new a raw struggle for survival against hordes of fearsome aliens with strong abilities...


The preparation of your command, the viewing angles of your warriors and their movements are the basis of your tactics and may secure your survival! Therefore this game will never get boring. Quite the contrary: Space Hulk Ascension provides more than 100 missions that are divided into three interrelated campaigns that tell a very inspiring story! In addition, each mission plays completely different and requires a differentiated tactical approach! Speaking of diversity and variety, Space Hulk Ascension actually has even more to offer. All the exciting missions can be played with three very different Space Marine commandos. The Ultramarines are particularly specialized in ranged combat and possess the appropriate missiles. Although they are not good at close combat, they imagine themselves as the ultimate Marine warriors. The Space Wolves, however, are well-known for their ferocity. They are the exact opposite to the Ultramarines! During close combat their attacks are particularly devastating. The Space Wolves are extremely proud warriors who have fought for the preservation of the empire since ever. The third faction, the Blood Angels, are-in respect to their military skills-right in the middle of the other two races. They don’t have any special weapons for long-distance or melee attacks, but they demonstrate a promising talent in both disciplines. Remember: Your tactics and approaches strongly depend on the choice of your Space Marine Commands! Additionally, in the course of the epic campaign of Space Hulk Ascension, there are several opportunities to upgrade the skills and armours of your warriors and thus provide them with brand new weapons. The gameplay proves to be a very close implementation of the board game classics. At the beginning of each mission you get one certain task to fulfil. These challenges are very varied throughout the whole game. Sometimes you have to evacuate your Terminators, sometimes reach out for an object and sometimes you have to destroy every enemy who dares to cross your paths. In every challenge you have to place your warriors wisely in the landing zone and you have to move them around very tactically. In order to command any action-be it attacking, door opening, moving or rotating-you will have to pay action points. The field of view of your warriors is of particular importance. Even the greatest Mech-Warrior is powerless against a surprise attack from behind. Space Hulk Ascension creates a particularly dramatic tension because you may see the attacking aliens very late and thus you must react pronto! In addition, this strategy-adventure offers a wide variance of enemy types that are very strong! But herein lays the particular attraction of Space Hulk Ascension: It remains challenging!


There are a few things that are damaging your freedom concerning Space Hulk Ascension. The attack-points are very limited, but our MegaTrainer clears the way! Our ingenious Space Hulk Ascension cheats not only provide you with infinite targets, but also with any number of PSI and a permanent full magazine! Even the heavy flamethrower or the ice weapons can now be used without any restrictions! Besides, you can attack as often as you want. The PSI, however, ensure that you can perform all the special attacks at any time. In addition, another cheat supplies you with a 100% hit rate: The tactical advantage is obvious! The aliens won’t like that you are in charge of command. As already said: A wise commander takes command with the Space Hulk Ascension Trainer! And you are taking command now!


  • Innovative RPG style mechanics, brand new weapons and a number of enemy types
  • Genuine Commands: Ultramarines, Space Wolves and Blood Angels
  • Three varying campaigns and diversified missions
  • Adjustment of viewing angles and movements
  • Take command of Space Marine Terminators
  • Numerous upgrades for armour and weapons
  • Pronounced exciting story
  • Steplessly variable zoom
  • Atmospheric graphics

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