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01.05.2012 • 4 Codes

Sonic Lost World: A feast for the eyes!

Sonic Lost World is a fast-paced platformer game with many action-adventure elements. But only our MegaTrainer adds the most crucial elements! Our super crazy cheats provide your rapid Hedgehog with infinite lives and rings. Thus you increase the speed in this video game beyond measure!
Game Profile
Publisher: Sega
Developer: DIMPS, Sonic Team
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Sonic Lost World Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prevent loosing rings on being hit
You won't loose any rings anymore!
Use this cheat and you can run through any enemy/danger without being noticed at all!

Special Hint

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Once again the well-known enemy of the previous games, Dr. Eggman, is the center stage of the upcoming events. This super bad villain has created six gruesome creatures that he calls the terible six. By the use of their help Dr. Eggman wants to get rid of Sonic once and for all! The doctor indeed could not imagine that his monstrous creatures would rise up against him one day. But that's exactly what happened! The terrible six now threaten to tear the whole world apart!
Thus the likeable Hedgedog has to make common cause with his nemesis Dr. Eggman. But only if they can find the mysterious Hexaglobus, they will stand a chance against the terrible beasts. In order to achieve your goals you have to use Sonic’s new skills-skills not known from previous games. That means in plain text: As never before, you will move your hero over obstacles, glide up walls, navigate between individual areas with lightning speed and use the spin dash-whenever it seems opportune. Your central goal is clear: Whatever it may take, you have to be faster than the terrible six!


All reviews and test videos of relevant news portals follow the same line: The brand-new action-adventure game Sonic Lost World generates itself significantly more varied and dynamic than all the previous games. The name of each level already does whet everyone’s appetite: Windy Hill Zone, Yoshi's Iceland Zone, The Legend of Zelda Zone, Desert Ruins Zone, Green Hill Zone. Each zone promise sensational landscapes and unique challenges not known from the previous games. Thus, each level provides an extremely high degree of variety! Especially if you collect the so-called red star coins you will enjoy certain advantages. If you collect enough red star coins you may unlock any unique bonus level. Therefore, the motto of this brand-new video game is: Collect red star rings!


This much is certain: With the help of our MegaTrainer this play will become much more rapid! Our exclusive Sonic Lost World cheats freeze the level timer and provide you with 99 extra lives any time you need them. Furthermore, another cheat ensures that the loss of rings is disabled: Your Hedgedog normally has to collect those rings. In case an opponent or obstacles hurts him he will lose them. Then you would have to collect them anew. But by the use of this cheat your value of (red) rings will always remain constant. Isn't that super awesome? It couldn't be better! One thing is certain: The Sonic Lost World Trainer provides a super fast gameplay that is beyond measure!


  • Fast-paced platformer game with many action-adventure elements
  • Red star rings open up any spectacular bonus level
  • More varied and thrilling than all previous games
  • Windy Hill Zone and many more exciting levels
  • Insanely good graphics in comic look
  • Various challenges in each level
  • Fantastic brand-new skills
  • Super fast gameplay


The release of this video game of 2013 and 2015 took place exclusively for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and Microsoft Windows. By the end of this year, the video game Sonic Lost World was not published for the following consoles: Wii, Xbox (Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360), PlayStation (PS4, PS3) and PlayStation Vita! The graphics on the Wii U and on the 3DS are really outstanding. Nevertheless, the current release of 2015 for the PC has a wiggle on in terms of graphic design. The speed of this brand-new video game may be the same on the Wii U and on the 3DS. But only the graphics on the PC offer a veritable feast for the eyes!

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