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18.11.2018 • 8 Codes

Software Inc.: Run your own software company!

The 2015 as early-access released indie-simulation-video-game Software Inc., lets you run your own software company. Build and design your company headquarters from scratch and hire qualified developers and employees. The competition doesn't sleep therefore you also have to outpace and out-program them and finally absolve their business into your own or buy out the competition and shut down their software. Train your staff and build a software empire. Our 2018 MegaTrainer helps slow developers with cheats, trainers, and premium training codes to reach their full potential.
Game Profile
Publisher: Coredumping
Developer: Coredumping
Release Year: 2015
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Software Inc. Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
This option prepares the game for other codes. It should be activated first, otherwise the other codes won't work properly!
+10,000 Money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
Reset Money to 0
Resets your money to zero.
+25,000 Money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
+50,000 Money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
+100,000 Money
This code increases your money according to the displayed value.
No employee costs
Sets your cost per day to 0!
Freeze employee age (16)
If activate, this code allows you to freeze the age of your current employees to 16 years ago, as long as this cheat is activate the will no longer age!

Special Hint

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In the video-game Software Inc. you take on the role of an ambitious software entrepreneur who has just entered the business. Now you have to do everything you can to set up your company and sell your software products. The video-game Software Inc. is a business-simulation in which you rise from a small software developer with a small office to the chair of a software empire.


In the video-game Software Inc. your goal is to build your personal software company. However, before you can start developing software programs, you must first build a suitable company building. It can be built up to ten stories high and you also have to furnish it yourself with furniture, PCs, and servers. The next step is to find the right staff for your company by hiring, training and dividing them into teams. Of course, you also have to make sure that all employees are happy with the working conditions. Now you can start programming and marketing your software in the video-game Software Inc.. But you have to look out for your competitors. But if you do your job well, you don't have to worry about it, even better, you even have the possibility to take over the businesses of your competitors.


In the video-game Software Inc. you build your own software empire. When managing a huge company, a little help can of course not hurt. That's why our fantastic Software Inc. Trainer provides you with 8 fantastic Software Inc. Cheats that stack up your account by 10,000, 25,000, 50,000 or 100,000. For hardcore fans, there is of course also our Reset Money To 0 Cheat. Our No Employee Costs Cheat ensures that your expenses will be greatly reduced and our Freeze Employee Age (16) ensures that your employees no longer age.


  • Defeat your competitors and take over their businesses
  • Hire employees and divide them into teams
  • Program and market your own software
  • Customize the look of your employees
  • Conduct business negotiations
  • Run your own online shop
  • Build company buildings


The video-game Software Inc. released on 1 May 2015 is a strategy-simulation-game. The game, published by Coredumping, has been in Early-Access on Steam since its release. Coredumping is a Danish indie-video-game-developer and publisher founded in 2014 by Kenneth Otto Larsen. Software Inc. is available for Microsoft Windows, Linux and MAC OS.

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