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26.09.2017 • 5 Codes
Game Profile
Publisher: Monomi Park
Developer: Monomi Park
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Slime Rancher Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
+500 Currency
This code increases your money/gold according to the displayed value.
Unlimited stamina
With this cheat you get unlimited stamina.
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

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Slime Rancher: There are riches in slime!

It's all about slime in the 2017 indie-farming-simulator-video-game Slime Rancher. As a rancher, your farm is always your first priority. Unlike in ordinary farming-simulators, Slime Rancher is all about collecting tiny weird slime animals. Suck them up in your Vacpack and turn their rare bowel movements and excrements into cold harsh cash. Our MegaTrainer provides you with a variety of exclusive Cheats and Codes for the video-game Slime Rancher.


As the rancher Beatrix LeBeau you run a farm thousands of light years away from earth. You make your living by farming and conquering and raising valuable Slimes. The sandbox-game provides a cute game world with a healthy dose of humor. With the aid of your Vacpack, you can collect different slimes and stuff them into different cages on your farm. Your Vacpack can suck up pretty much anything you can find in the open-world. As a rancher, you must find a way to be financially stable and responsible, the real wealth in Slime Rancher is in the droppings of the slimes. Yeah, really - their excrements can be exchanged for cash at vending machines! There the welfare of your breeding slimes is incredibly important. The rarer the beasts the higher the reward. The video-game Slime Rancher certainly isn’t a game for all gamers but the indie-game has found its niche on Steam!


The indie-game Slime Rancher is played from first-person. All slimes have different food and nutrition preferences. In order for you to know what to feed them, you can rely on a comprehensive in-game encyclopedia. That’s why growing food is very important and if you really want to treat your slimes, get some chickens and build a chicken coop. The majority of them really crave chickens! In order to be able to achieve higher wealth, it is not enough to simply collect the same slimes all over again. Rare and more valuable beasts are found scattered the vast open-world of the video-game Slime Rancher. But beware, not all slimes are completely harmless. Many extremely rare beasts will attack and try to kill you! The game is not over once you’ve died but you will lose all items which you have collected during your travels, up to the latest save-point. In later parts of the game, different slimes can also be crossed with each other. The more unusual the combination the more money you will get. New environments and also new farming equipment can also be unlocked.


The most valuable and richest ranch in the video game Slime Rancher is only possible with our exclusive cheats and codes courtesy of the 2017 released MegaTrainer! Our Slime Rancher Cheats let you increase your money with just one simple click. The stack size in your Vacpack can also be increased or decreased in the interval of +/-10. From now on, you can absorb a lot more slimes at the same time. Since not all Slimes are peaceful we offer you a code for Godmode in our Slime Rancher Trainer. Travel fast from point A to B with our unlimited stamina cheat!


  • Different take on the classic farming-simulator-formula
  • 57 Steam Achievements
  • Huge encyclopedia
  • Huge open-world
  • Unique Vacpack
  • Great humor


The indie hit Slime Rancher spend around 9 months in Steam Early Access. A new update / DLC called Odgen's Wild Update has already been announced by the developer and the promised to keep us supplied with new content for months to come.

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