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10.08.2016 • 2 Codes

Slain - Back from Hell: hardcore slaughter against hordes of demons and cunning traps!

Inspired by heavy metal music the arcade combat game Slain - Back from Hell from 2016 offers its players many extremely challenging puzzles and an insane hardcore slaughter first order. The old-school gameplay integrates stunning graphics and a powerful heavy metal soundtrack of superlatives. Only the cheats of our latest MegaTrainer are missing: Being equipped with infinite mana and Godmode you'll be ready to rock harder than ever before!
Game Profile
Publisher: Digerati Distribution
Developer: Andrew Gilmour
Release Year: 2016
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Slain - Back from Hell Cheats

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Infinite mana
This cheat provides you with unlimited power/mana!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!

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Once you have started the heavy metal video game Slain - Back from Hell from 2016, you take on the role of a doomed hero named Bathoryn. Bathoryn is really drawn by fate: his task may demand his life. The daring hero must free six cursed kingdoms from six infernal princes.
That is: he must pass through corrupted fields that have been saturated with thousands over thousands of enemies. But the hideous monsters are only half the battle. Everywhere are devious traps and fiendish puzzles that have to be overcome by Bathoryn using skill and intelligence.
At the heart of each kingdom one gruesome end-boss is waiting for you that will require everything you've got. If Bathoryn defeats the demon lords his fateful quest continues. But if you should fail, you'll die in a grotesque and cruel manner: mangled by werewolves, shattered by giant boulders or hacked by powerful blades – anything of that is certainly not a fate that you want to occur for your sympathetic hero of Slain - Back from Hell...


But still Bathoryn is alive. If you want him to stay that way you have to consider three key elements in this new video game Slain - Back from Hell from 2016 that have to be mastered.
First, you have to learn to fight with three lethal weapons. You should be able to make best use of the individual weaknesses of the many different enemy types. Each elemental weapon comes up with various combo attacks. The right timing for each weapon is crucial, yet decisive to land critical hits.
Second, you have to become familiar with the timing of your opponents in order to parry accordingly. Of course, you have to know the mechanisms of their traps as well.
Third – and last but not least – you have to learn to economize clever with your mana. You will unleash spectacular magical powers, but their use should be timed really good!
The fact that all this is surrounded by iridescent colors, lurid sounds and a dense atmosphere, all of which speaking the language of heavy metal, has to be mentioned one last time.
Bottom line is: the video game Slain - Back from Hell from 2016 offers many playful possibilities. The combat system substantially changes between melee and magical combat. In other words: You may enjoy a crushing hardcore slaughter of superlatives. There are no tedious level-ups for your character, no time-consuming crafting procedures and no grueling grindings. This game is about action nonstop: At any time you'll fight with clenched fist against demon hordes and cunning hidden secrets!


How good that the codes of our latest MegaTrainer will help you out. Immediately, you will receive as much mana as you possibly want. That means in plain text: You'll smash against your enemies one powerful magic attack after another. The other Slain - Back from Hell cheats ensure that your metal warrior will become immortal. In the future, nothing will go wrong, quite the contrary: Playing along with the latest Slain - Back from Hell Trainer from 2016 you'll rock this game harder than you are willing to believe.


  • Epic metal soundtrack by Curt Victor Bryant (former Celtic Frost)
  • Extreme amount of boss battles against various beasts
  • Different enemy types with individual weaknesses
  • Myriads of cunning puzzles and devious traps
  • Demon hordes and crazy hidden secrets
  • 30 brand new secret challenges
  • Timing crucial for critical hits
  • Several Steam Achievements
  • Insane hardcore slaughter
  • Different combo attacks


The epic soundtrack of Slain - Back from Hell was incidentally composed by Curt Victor Bryant, a former member of Celtic Frost. In addition, the latest version integrates numerous updates to refresh the gameplay. The AI ​​has been specially revised and improved sufficiently. The enemies and bosses have become not only more complex, but also more numerous. Now there are combat maneuvers and enemy attacks that haven't existed earlier. Last but not least this adventure offers 30 brand-new secret challenges and many new Steam Achievements. What could you possibly want more?

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