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SimCity 3000: City planning in greater detail!

The city in Sim City 3000 is inhabited by the Sims. They desire a happy home without violence and unemployment.
Sim City 3000 distinguishes oneself with revised graphics. The infrastructure is designed very complex. You have to cope with the classical tasks such as building up roads, guaranteeing water and electricity supply and ensuring public safety.
Game Profile
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Maxis
Release Year: 2001
Game Modes: Singleplayer

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Furthermore you have to organize the statements of residential, commercial and industrial areas. But of course one will only succeed, if the player has an unerring eye for the city budget. A well-organized fiscal system is the Alpha and Omega. If you are not able to meet these challenges in order to satisfy the Sims, they will simply leave your city! To avoid a collapse, the urgent needs of the residents have to be satisfied. The future of the city depends on basic facilities: police and fire stations, hospitals, regular schools, colleges, etc. As in the previous game one has to manage the supply of water and electricity, including the laying of appropriate cables and lines. If the production of the own power plants and water supply systems show a surplus, you can start trade relations with neighboring cities.


Speaking of Sim City 3000 the fans especially praise the realistic details, such as the icon for a railway junction. As in real life there are times when disasters will occur. Thus you will have to deal with it. This can be a nuclear accident, or an every day occurrence like a big fire. The Latter one especially becomes a problem, if the traffic is poorly organized and the fire trucks will not come through. Sometimes you even lead the direction of a tornado. The graphics of Sim City 3000 grooves this game. Also the sound is varied and diversified.


The municipal budget is one of the biggest concerns of the mayor. Get rid of these money troubles an enable our MegaTrainer. Our cheats can freeze your money at any point. Thus the Sim City 3000 Trainer guarantees a permanent monetary value of your choice. It does not matter what comes now, you are prepared!


  • Differentiated infrastructure
  • Improved transport system
  • Unexpected disasters
  • Impressive graphics
  • Ingenious sound

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