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16.03.2018 • 4 Codes

Serious Sam Fusion 2017: Upgrade for the franchise!

The 2017 video-game Serious Sam Fusion 2017, is an upgraded version of previously released Serious Sam games. In addition to improvements to the old games, this version also offers new content and new game modes, such as VR support and a whole lot more! The cheats of our 2018 MegaTrainer provide an even more exciting gaming experience!
Game Profile
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Developer: Croteam
Release Year: 2017
Game Modes: Singleplayer , ,

Serious Sam Fusion 2017 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Num 1
Unlimited ammo
Provides you with unlimited ammo!
This cheat is a classic godmode and makes you immortal, as long as the damage taken does not exceed your maximum health!
No reload
Activate this cheat and you don't have to reload anymore.
Godmode + Mega-Health
Godmode combined with MegaHealth - also works on armor!

Special Hint

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The video-game Serious Sam Fusion 2017 takes place in a futuristic scenario in which humans run and operate multiple colonies on extraterrestrial planets. All of them get attacked and taken by alien life forms until planet earth is the only remaining human stronghold. Scientists in Egypt rediscover a portal that sends anybody who walks through it 3000 years into the past. The war hero Sam Stone is sent through the portal in the video-game Serious Sam Fusion 2017 to ensure the survival of mankind. He discovers that the aliens, also called Sirians, were already on earth back in the past and were worshipped by the ancient Egyptians as gods. Sam starts looking for their spaceship to destroy it and has to fight a lot of alien hordes while doing so.


In the video-game Serious Sam Fusion 2017 you are confronted by hordes of enemies who could not be more bizarre in design and function. To defeat these aliens, you'll have a variety of equally bizarre weapons at your disposal. Weapons range from ordinary shotguns to futuristic plasma cannons. The video-game Serious Sam Fusion 2017 can also be played in co-op mode with your buddies. Taking the alien slaying to the next level!


In the video-game Serious Sam Fusion 2017 you're alone against a whole group of aliens who try to kill you! It goes without saying that a little help can't hurt. Our handmade Serious Sam Fusion 2017 Trainer offers you some helpful Serious Sam Fusion 2017 Cheats so you can put the aliens in their place: The No reload cheat and unlimited ammo Cheat ensure that you don't have to worry about ammo anymore! If you want to walk through the levels like Rambo and don't want to worry about your health, the Godmode and Mega-Health Cheats will give you extra life & armor as well as making you immortal!


  • Large number of opponents
  • Improved physics engine
  • Great modding-support
  • Split screen mode
  • New content
  • VR mode


The video-game Serious Sam Fusion 2017 is a first-person shooter developed by the developer studio Croteam and published by Devolver Digital. The video-game series has been in existence since 2001. This game is an upgraded version of Serious Sam games. Those who already own one of the predecessor titles will get the Fusion 2017 version for free. Other entries in the franchise are for example Serious Sam 3 - BFE from 2011.

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