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Sanctum: Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Where have you seen anything like this before? That’s for sure: Only in Sanctum, since no other game has ever forged a symbiosis of Tower Defense and a First-Person-Shooter. The fact that this intersection of two fundamentally different game mechanisms is unique, can be witnessed in no time!
Game Profile
Publisher: Coffee Stain Studios
Developer: Coffee Stain Studios
Release Year: 2011
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Sanctum Cheats

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This cheat is a so called one-hit-kill cheat which allows you to kill each opponent with only one hit.

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Just dive into the cosmos of Sanctum and off you go: You jump into the role of elite soldier Skye to protect your home from horrifying aliens. Thus you build up huge tower installations around the residential areas of your beloved home. Gatling and laser cannons, lightning launchers and mortars belong to your standard arsenal. Not to mention the innovative Drone Tower and the Accelerator. Depending on which of the twelve alien races are attacking, the one or the other weapon system might be more effective! Whenever it gets hairy, Sanctum totally knows what to do: You throw yourself into action and kill off numerous aliens, in first person perspective, indeed!


To prevent delicate situations, you simply let your storm and sniper rifles as well as your ice canons do the talking! If that really takes it out of you, it will be quite advisable to establish the most efficient maze of walls and towers. The more deadly, the better it is...
It is entirely up to you what tactics evolve as the most promising. Only one thing is certain: Sanctum not only combines two game systems to a brilliant re-creation, it also creates a paradise concerning tactics, variety and fun. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


You really don’t have to watch a bunch of hideous aliens destroying your beloved home, since our MegaTrainer provides just the right Cheats: Namely the One-Hit-Kill. This makes all enemies die by one single hit. Thus for the aliens, the Sanctum Trainer is nothing more than their safe ticket to hell! Death to the aliens!


  • Massive arsenal of defensive and offensive weapons
  • Tower Defence and First-Person-Shooter combined
  • Variety of tactical possibilities
  • Graphical masterpiece

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