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01.05.2012 • 9 Codes

Saints Row 4: Completely crazy, but way cool!

It's finally here: Saints Row 4 is the long-awaited successor to Saints Row - The Third! When it comes to absurdity and callousness Saints Row 4 puts all his predecessors in the shade! This all starts with the comical story and ends with the bizarre gameplay. Once you activate our Saints Row 4 cheats, your protagonist gets infinite ammo and any amount of money!
Game Profile
Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Volition
Release Year: 2013
Game Modes: Singleplayer

Saints Row 4 Cheats

Cheat Keys
Cheatname and Details
Prepare for cheats
This cheat prepares the game for other cheats. It should be activated first, otherwise the other cheats won't work properly!
+300.000 money
With these cheats you can increase your money, your experiences or your data clusters according to the displayed value.
Unlimited ammo (free reload)
If you activate this cheat your clip-ammo will still be decreased, but reload if for free.
Activate this cheat to become immortal in the game.
No reload
By activating this cheat you don't need to reload your weapon anymore and can shot without these bad reload-delays.
+150 data clusters
With these cheats you can increase your money, your experiences or your data clusters according to the displayed value.
No weapon overheat
This cheat allows you to shoot without overheating your weapons - continuous fire yeah!
+3.000 experiences
With these cheats you can increase your money, your experiences or your data clusters according to the displayed value.
Instant power
Hereby you can always instantly use your power.

Special Hint

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  • All cheats are for the human player only.



What kind of a president do you want to be? Do you wish to go down in history because you beat cancer, or because you have ended world hunger? That's not the only tricky decision that Saints Row 4 will come up with! But what does that have to do with aliens? Well, let's say this: Welcome to the world of Saints Row 4! In an amazing manner this brilliant open-world game conflates witty satire, biting ridicule, inspiring social criticism, innovative superpowers and a lot of action to an ingenious mixture that stands without parallel! Thanks to the many super powers you won't need, for example, a car or any aircraft in order to explore the quirky game-world. The lively use of your ability to sprint, jump and glide may perhaps be more convenient!


Admittedly, the wacky humor of the game is self-willed, but it exudes a unique charm: At the beginning you are the president of the USA. It does not matter that you have been the head of a criminal gang before-what wonderful irony! Now, aliens land on Earth, kidnap humans and blow up the planet. Therefore, the action takes place in a computer-simulated parallel world in which you have super powers such as telekinesis and fireballs! In addition, Saints Row 4 includes a number of innovative alien weapons that blow off quite a steam! The fictional town is divided into several areas. To retake the certain areas you have to do multiple jobs and assassinations! In the meantime this spectacular open-world action game offers you the highest level of playful freedom that one could only wish for... The game world of Saints Row 4 is-you can’t say anything else-completely freaked out! Already during the way to your president-ship (that couldn't be staged any more action-packed, by the way) Saints Row 4 already manages to make fun of dozens of films, computer games and bands! This of course invites us to continue playing! And suddenly: The aliens appear, destroy the White House-where have we seen that before?-and kidnap you and your colleagues into a computer-simulated world of illusion: Matrix says hello! Funnily enough: This strange world contains numerous reminders of the America of the 50’s! Whoever can't see some irony by now might be playing the wrong game. Anyway, similar to the Matrix movies you are indeed caught in this simulated world! But you can bend the rules of this simulation and free yourself by performing some hacker attacks. In other words, just like Neo you also develop spectacular super powers! But beware: In the simulated city you possess the status of a super hero, but in the real world you're a simple person with a very fragile body! This grandly staged dualism does of course provide a highly exciting and varied mission design. In some jobs you even have to travel into the depths of space-and the parodies of other games are also a part of those travels, of course! In the real world, however, you go on risky liberation missions to gain more allies. The particular strength of Saints Row 4 lies primarily in the fact that all missions and jobs generate unforeseen twists and turns that provide the whole campaign with incredibly much dynamism. The plot meanders like a wild river back and forth and the missions run very varied all the time! In a word: Saints Row 4 is completely crazy, but way cool!


Our MegaTrainer actually offers everything you need as president to deal with the nasty aliens and all the other enemies! Once you activate our Saints Row 4 cheats, your protagonist gets infinite ammo, any amount of money, lots of experience and a permanently full magazine. In addition, you get all the data collections that you need to hack through the computer-simulated world of illusion! Moreover, none of your weapons will ever overheat again! But it gets even better: After all you may use all superpowers immediately! Finally, of course, you get the Godmode, thus you'll become immortal! As mentioned above: By enabling the Saints Row 4 Trainer your crazy president becomes very nice accessories that are the cat's pajamas!!!


  • White-knuckle and very varied mission design
  • Wacky humor with an incomparable charm
  • Super powers like telekinesis, fireballs, etc.
  • Tremendously funny story and gameplay
  • Variety of innovative alien weapons
  • Unique computer-simulated world
  • High degree of playful freedom
  • Great open-world action game
  • A high degree of absurdity
  • Stunning graphics

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